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Significant Earthquakes 

Earthquakes 10/17/2012

A magnitude 5.7 earthquake struck the West Of the Maquarie island with no reports or damages or tsunami’s in the region.
In the Jaisinghnagar area in india a magnitude 5.0 earthquake took place with no reports of damages. On October the 17th a strong magnitude 6.0 took place at the Celebes Sea, in the Philippines.

Quick Update On Yellowstone

Turns out there were many more earthquakes than we previously recorded on our news blitz article. There were actually 9 earthquakes, but what’s interesting is that there was a difference between the amount recorded at the USGS live earthquake feed, and the live Rss subscription feed that we use to keep up to date with what is going on with earthquakes.

Here is a full report on the earthquakes that took place on October, 18th 2012:


 Volcanic Activity



Volcanic activity for dormant volcanoes, is becoming more frequent and much more active than ever before, and it hasn’t been volcanic activity for a few spots on earth. All over

the planet we are seeing many of the world’s volcanoes starting to become active, here is a great article that talks about all of the recent volcanic activity, that you can read here. There are articles from the smithsonian that point out that volcanic activity overall is not increasing, however, the earthshiftx team is looking at the amount of dormant volcanoes, and it most certainly is increasing.

If you want detailed information about volcanic activity click here. 

Kilauea Volcano

In Hawaii, Kilauea volcano is starting to show more activity lately, as a lava lake inside the Halemaumau Crater has officially reached its highest level since the summit eruption in the beginning of 2008.

At the summit of Kilauea, it only reached 150 feet below the floor of Halema’uma’u crater on Sunday, which was the highest it has reached so far, according to the scientists of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

In the past several months, lava within the summit vent has been rising. –bigislandvideonews.com

Here is a video that covers the lava lake, and the crater height of Kilauea:

 Meteor Lights Up The Sky In San Fransisco


 Here is another exciting video of the meteor, it’s amazing how small this meteor was, compared to the light show:

More Strange Bird Deaths 

Hundreds birds have been found dead in Empire Michigan as volunteers and biologists who have been walking the beaches of northwestern Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore have counted 300 dead or dying loons, and several

other types of fish-eating beards. According to scientists all of these birds are victims of botulism.

“The death of loons — with their haunting two-note cry and striking looks — gets the public nervous, too, said Dan Ray, a biologist in charge of a project monitoring the botulism among fish-eating birds at the park.

“This last couple days has been off the charts,” Ray said, calling it one of the worst seasons on record. “It’s almost strange from a biologist’s standpoint. When loons show up (dead), people freak out.” –Dailyrecord.com

What’s interesting about this story is that many loons are supposed to live up to 50 years! According to Michigan Audubon Society.

Whales Continue Die Mysteriously

If you research many of the articles on whale deaths on the internet, you will see that all types of explanations will be posted about how whales are beaching themselves, and dying shortly after the beaching. Some say it is metal in the water, others say it is from the Bp oil spill, and the list goes on and on.

From our research, the strange whale beaching that is taking place is due to the earths weakening magnetosphere, that mammals use to navigate through the oceans of the world. Even humans are affected by the earths magnetic field, and very little is ever said about it. Just think about it like this, if you were using a compass to get through an area and that compass was broken, you might have a very difficult time figuring out where you last found food, or where you are going.

Remember, there are no sign posts in the ocean, or the air, so how else would marine life and birds find their way around other than the earths magnetic field? Here are two articles that drive our point home:



Whale Death
A dead 50-foot fin whale washed up in a secluded cove in Point Loma on Saturday.
Source: Images: Dead Whale Washes Up in Point Loma | NBC 7 San Diego.

Along with this 50-foot whale that simply washed up in a secluded cove, there was a whale shark that was buried after yet another beaching. The Phuket marine agency will be checking to see if samples of the whale are going to test positive for metal contamination.

Whale Death Phuket
Personnel from the Phuket Marine Biological Center and the Royal Thai Navy Third Area Command bury the eight-ton whale shark found dead on Koh Lanta Yai on Sunday. Photo: Royal Thai Navy

 Zetatalk.com Newsletter Declares A Pending Planet X Announcement

According to the Zetatalk.com website an announcement of planet X continues to be delayed due to the wide-spread embassy riots, quote:

“The announcement was deferred on the weekend of September 15 due to the embassy riots, which ranged from the Netherlands to Sydney. As detailed in Issue 313 the announcement was also delayed repeatedly on the next weekend of September 22 as Heads of State, alerted during the week that an announcement had been planned, began calling in with requested changes until it was too late, running into Sunday afternoon with the markets again opening for the week.

As detailed in Issue 314 the announcement was attempted on the last weekend of the month, September 30, via the Emergency Alert System, which was then discovered sabotaged at so many points that it again ran into Sunday afternoon when the markets were due to open for the week.” Read more—>

In other planet x news, we found an interesting image at www.yowusa.com that you can take a look at by clicking the image below:

Planet X

Apparently planet X is picking up speed, as the image shows that the object is below the ecliptic.  Only time will tell if planet X will pass through an affect us in a bad way, but it never hurts to be ready for disaster, a many crops are now failing all across the world, with food shortages just around the corner.

If anything, there are still strange earthquakes taking place in New England States, dormant volcanoes, a growing sinkhole in Louisiana, and loud booms still being head around the world, and economic problems that are getting worse. Now is a great time to be ready with all the supplies you might need in a disaster or food shortage, and youtube.com is a great place to find that information.

Stay tuned…..

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