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Earthquakes – Starting off with the New Madrid Seismic zone the month of October 2014 resulted in 26 total earthquakes, which is a slight drop from the previous two months. In lilbourn Missouri there was a magnitude 1.3 earthquake which took place at a shallow 4.6km.

Looking back at the overall activity on the image above, we see a very active San Andreas fault, and groups of tremors in Alaska as plates collide.

A rare 2.2 earthquake struck in Centerville South Carolina U.S.A at a shallow depth of 6.4 km. On of the strongest earthquakes took place on the infamous indo-Australian plate, measuring 5.7 in magnitude at a very deep 545 km. A strong 5.o earthquake struck in Miyako Japan today at a depth of 48 km.

yellowstone 2

Yellowstone – Lately there have been a small group of earthquakes taking place at the Yellowstone volcano which is a slight uptick. When a volcano has earthquakes, this does indicate magma on the move and potential fracturing of the rock layers above the magma. source

Important – As volcanic activity picks up, it is a wise preparedness decision to be ready for drastic temperature swings, and cold temperatures.

Train Derailment & Ground Motions

ground, motion

Large ground motion waves were recorded on the REV station in nearby Glass TN U.S.A, before a train derailment in Gibson County Tennessee. What’s interesting is how close the large recording was to the time frame the news report was published on the following website source

Extreme Weather

While the southern portions of the United States experience record low temperatures the United Kingdom is on the verge of experiencing the warmest Halloween on record. 71 degree weather has barbecue on the menu for many super market shoppers, along with hot dogs.source

A flood disaster has left scores of people dead on Tuesday as floods hit the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. source

Cyclone Nilofar – We have some good news to report on cyclone Nilofar, the cycle has weakened, as wind speed will not exceed 35 mph. Tropical storm Vance is yet another tropical storm , developing off the coast of Mexico.

Vance could threaten Mexico’s Pacific Coast next week some time, moving to the west South West towards northern Mexico. source

Fireballs In The Sky

A total of 12 reports of fireballs have been reported by american meteor society,with the most notable comment report saying the following:

“This was the largest, brightest fireball I have ever seen. Visual size in the sky…” source

Nasa’s all sky fireball cameras recorded a total of 36 fireballs with 29 of them being sporadic events. source

Mass Animal Death

1,000 fish have been confirmed dead as water pollution is being given as the cause. Investigations into what caused the mass fish deaths are well underway. Take note, there were loud booms and vibrations heard in the United Kingdom nearby.source

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