Ebola – The latest news out of the ebola fiasco has a patient with Ebola symptoms, who recently traveled to Nigeria in Washington D.C. The patient is now under isolation, and is now being monitored. Moving over to Rhode, Island, a man has been diagnosed with ebola and is going to be coming to the U.S for treatment.-www.nbcwashington.com

“At one point he was trying to help decontaminate a car. He had most of the protective gear on, but he thinks something might have splashed on his body at that point. That’s one possibility, but really, one doesn’t know fully, his mom Diana said. – boston.cbslocal.com

At least 10 people are most at risk for Ebola in Dallas Texas according to health officials. Today officials in the area mentioned that four people who shared an apartment with Thomas E. Duncan are the highest risk for Ebola.www.nytimes.com

Ebola continues to spread as the global emergency event has a new infection, this time in Hesse, Frankfurt-on-Main Germany.

Preventing Infection

stop sign,Good topics to help prevent infection include colloidal silver, keeping your hands clean, and many other ways to avoid being infected.

Overall having a strong immune system will help you with so many diseases spreading as the Enterovirus is yet another threat, with two recent deaths. www.denver.cbslocal.com

For 10 things you can do to prevent Ebola click here


tongaA magnitude 5.2 earthquake took place in the Tonga at a deep 100 km, and a 5.3 earthquake took place in the Tonga region at a shallow depth of 10 km.

An additional magnitude 5.0 earthquake took place in northwestern Sakha, Russia at a depth of 10 km. Another magnitude 5.6 earthquake took place near the east coast of Honshu Japan.


A magnitude 5.5 earthquake took place in the Panay Philippines, which sent workers scrambling out of their offices and cracking the walls of the building. Yet another 5.1 earthquake took place today south of the Fiji Islands at a depth of 1 km.

Good news to report where were no deaths in the earthquake event. A rare 3.1 earthquake took place at the south east Center of Texas, at a depth of 5.0,km.

The new Madrid seismic zone experienced a small 1.3 earthquake in Lilbourn Missouri..

Volcanoes – Bardabunga volcano is showing no large changes, however, large amounts of lava continue to erupt from the fissure vents. Update on the Ontake Japan volcano, as sixteen are still missing after the sudden eruption. source

Fireballs Of Hercolubus

Just yesterday there was a fireball in Utah that lit up the night sky, with video footage of the fireball:

Just a few hours ago a fireball was seen over parts of central Oklahoma city on Friday, Once again people are reporting the fireball being green with a white tint, and once again, this is across multiple states. Before the reports were in different states now they are across multiple states.

2016 fireballs


The very interesting fact about these fireball sightings is how widespread they are now becoming, it is no longer concentrated in just one state.



Weather Extremes


Japan just never gets a break as typhoon Phanfone hit Japan days after the volcanic eruption. At the current time this former category 5 super typhoon has turned into a category 3 storm which is good news. However meteorologists project this storm to be intensifying as it progresses over the next two days. source

Yet another tropical storm by the name of Vongfong, with a wind speed of 74 km headed in the Japan direction. Off the coast of Mexico tropical storm simon with a wind speed of 83 km, headed along the same path as previous tropical storms.


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