A strong 4.6 earthquake hit Christchurch New Zealand today, as Geonet Reports that a 4.6 magnitude earthquake hit 15km south-west of Christchurch at 9:15pm.

3000 people have felt the tremor so far, with an area from Dnedin to Palmerston North. Most of the residents who felt the quake reported a light shaking taking place, but there was one person who felt that earthquake could have done much more damage.

A news reporter by the name of Mike Thorpe said that the earthquake was the largest he had felt in about six months. While Jesse Prescotto f Avonhead said tonight’s quake lasted 10 seconds.

“It was very sudden. It was quiet – and then all of a sudden – boom!” he said. On February 2011 there was a 6.5 earthquake that killed 65 people and caused busy office building to

crash down, here is footage of the earthquake that took place in 2011:




A strong 5.5 earthquake hit Eastern sumar today as the Philippine institute of Volcanology and Seismology reported. The earthquake which is a tectonic origin and has a depth of 51 kilometers, hit Balangkayan, Eastern Samar around 9:48 p.m Saturday, the Phivolcs said.

Phivolcs located the quake’s epicenter at 15 km southwest of Balangkayan. The intensity of the quake was felt in Borongan and Llorente town in Eastern Samar; Intensity 4 in Tacloban City, Palo city and Basey, Western Samar, intensity 3 in Abuyog, Leyte.


Flooding In Jakarta 


 “State of emergency in Jakarta
The worst floods to hit Jakarta since 2007 are expected to get even worse when the city is buffeted by monsoon rains this weekend, according to officials. Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Agung Laksono announced on Thursday that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono had raised the emergency level for Jakarta to “alert” (siaga), the highest level.

“The warning level will remain elevated until conditions improve in Jakarta,” Agung told reporters after a meeting at Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s office with officials from relevant ministries and state agencies. “Current weather reports say the bad weather is going to stay for the next few days. We need to keep our eyes open,” Agung added.

Officials say that at least 15,423 people have taken refuge at 68 evacuation centers as of Thursday night and more than 114,000 people were affected by flooding in 73 subdistricts across the capital.” -source

Of course this isn’t the only are that is being hit by devastating floods, Sri Lanka is also going through tough times when it comes to flooding as Asia News reports:

“Sri Lanka floods hit over 500 thousand people. At least 52 dead and 8 missing

Colombo (AsiaNews) – At least 503,406 people from 137,019 families have been affected by monsoon floods and landslides in Sri Lanka over the past month. According to data from the Meteorology Department and Disaster Management Centre (DMC), more than 5,370 houses were destroyed while 33,571 were dpartially amaged. So far, the death toll stands at 52 dead and eight missing.” –source

More Evidence Of Extreme Weather Changes

In Chicago meteorologists are dumb founded by the fact that there is no snow on the ground in January. One of the meteorologists by the name of Gino Izzi said that

“Texas has had more snow than us.” “The last time we have gone this far into the season without 1-inch of snowfall was on January 17th 1899.If there is no snow today and there is none in the forecast through the weekend it’s a record.

“If you think about it, we’re just a little over a month away from basically going an entire year without snow in Chicago,” Izzi said.

While snow is hitting the southeastern United States and Britain recording record heat as well as Australia, the evidence of the earths wobble is becoming more obvious. In the area of Virginia there was 13 inches of snow, and in Mississippi 4 inches of snow fell in different areas.

Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s explain why the earth is wobbling:

The key to the Earth wobble many are now beginning to Notice, and the odd cold spot that lingers over Hudson Bay and in the waters off Nova Scotia, lies in the shape of the Atlantic Rift. We have stated that Planet X is skewed at least 45° along the Sun’s magnetic flow lines, pointing its S. Pole away from the S. Pole of the Sun as it rounds this pole, thus putting a tug on the Earth’s N. Pole which is attracted and tempted to align with Planet X in an end-to-end arrangement.

The tilt of the Earth’s N. Pole, leaning somewhat to the right to the side of the Sun Planet X is rounding, has created a false season simulating Summer in the northern hemisphere, were it not for the Constellations being out of place, an almost perfect mask for the approaching monster about to upset life on Earth as its current inhabitants know it. For those with keen eyes and clear eyes, for at least half the world from Japan to Ontario, an Earth wobble has become a reality. zetatalk.com

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