A 2.7 earthquake struck in Sicily Italy at a depth of 119 km, this comes after Sunday’s 4.9 reading in the area. Near the coast of Honshu japan there was earthquake measuring 5.1 in magnitude. A 5.0  and 5.1 earthquake took place in the Philippines, as well as Minahasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia. A 4.9 earthquake  also took place in Guam  with a depth of 10 kilometers.


A strange 2.9 earthquake took place in Cushing Oklahoma with a depth of 10km at  03:13:55 UTC time. 2.9 earthquake struck alvin Oklahoma a  01:36:23 UTC time. The last significant earthquake took place in the  South Atlantic ocean which was recorded at a 5.9 in magnitude.

Mexico Landslide Update – The massive landslide which took place in Mexico started taking place after a 4.6 earthquake on December the 19th. Some parts of the read dropped some 300 feet to the ground below in this landslide event. With this type of activity we could be looking at an earthquake, as scientists have already warned about the Sand Andrea’s fault.

Not that long ago, there was a giant oafish that washed up off the coast of California, which some believe could be a bad omen, as we have seen large earthquake events such as the Japan tsunami of March 11,  2011. An oarfish also washed ashore one year before the earthquake event devastated Japan.


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The Etna volcano in Sicily Italy has a paroxysm at the New South East crater which started yesterday. Here is a video showing some of the recent activity:

There are currently violent explosions and low pulsating lava fountains taking place at the summit vent and a lava flow has started to issue from the fissure.


The mount Sinabung volcano in Sumatra Indonesia is showing a growing lava dome which has started to produce extremely dangerous pyroclastic flows at the time.

Truck Is Swallowed By A Sinkhole

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL

In other news a busted water main was repaired but a sinkhole was still being filled in as of Monday evening, as a sinkhole has damaged homes. A sinkhole 20 feet deep and 20 feet wide opened up on the street on Sunday morning. – source

 Loud Boom Report By The United Knowledge


According to the widely followed website, quote:

[pull_quote_center]"the Earth will give evidence of the compression and tension in her surface by what humans will perceive to be sonic booms. The mechanism is in fact the same, clapping air masses, the same mechanism that produces thunder."[/pull_quote_center] -


100 people have been evacuated from the Dundee flats after a landslide which measured 40 metres wide and around 30 feet deep was left at the back of the homes as a retaining wall disappeared at 4pm. –source

 Another farm  at Kampung Simboh collapsed went down in a landslide in Kuching. – source

 Water Main Breaks

Floods a Winnipeg street for two blocks, the break took place on Laxdal Road, according to one witness in the area: “My neighbor right next door to me, he actually carried his wife to the house ’cause there was so much water, she couldn’t walk through it,” –source

Train Derailment

A train derailment took place in North Dakota on Monday as 2,400 residents have taken shelter. –source

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