In Langston Oklahoma a magnitude 4.1 earthquake caused damage to a county jail with the U.S.G.S having the earthquake 8 miles east of Guthrie, and a small 2.8 after shock was also reported in Waukomis, Oklahoma. Earthquakes are infrequent in this particular area  –source

Other notable earthquakes include a 5.3 tremor which took place in Japan, 5.5 in Kepulauan Alor Indonesia., 4.8 in halmehara Indonesia, 5.1 in Tonga, 5.4 in Azerbaijan, 5.3 in southeast of easter island, 5.2 in Antofagasta Chile, 5.0 off the coast of Honshu Japan. 5.1 in the Bonin Islands in the Japan Region, 4.2 in the Hindu Kush Region in Afghanistan,  5.1 off the coast of Colima, in Mexico.  source

Missing Buoy Data -In South Puerto Rico, missing Buoy data was recorded for February 9th – 10th, here is the direct link to the missing data here.

Loud Booms  -There were loud booms reported in Western Kentucky as well as Central Alabama. residents were awakened by the loud booms causing law enforcement in the area to answer several calls related to mysterious sounds that were being reported. According to the news reports, some people have heard it, and some have felt it. –source

 Volcanic Activity

In the after math of the Tungurahua volcanic eruption, crops, and livestock have been damaged by the thousands. There is also vegetable shortages in some large and medium-sized cites in the country. – source


Fireball Reports

fireball, fireballs, reports,

Just when it seems as if fireballs are about to take a backseat and calm down we 97 reports that were pending yesterday. And today those investigations have been completed. One of the eye-witness reports comments stated that they were startled so much that they did not go back out after seeing the fireball. – source

Weather Extremes

united kingdom, storms,

The United Kingdom has been in a deluge with record water levels in the area, snow, and severe flood warnings in place. Thousands of homes in southeast England are braced for flooding after the River Thames burst its banks. – source

 Mass Fish Death


The president of South Coast conservation group says weekend rains brought tainted water in the Pescadero march, apparently killing thousands of steelhead trout. – source

Power Outages

Smith Renaissance School in Denver was closed early Monday after a power outage at the school. – source

Horry county 800 were affected by a power outage in South Carolina due to a tree that fell on the line in the area. – source

Drought Conditions

The drought conditions in California are worsening, with farmers now being affected. The good news is that a recent rain storm brought much-needed water to the area. Drought conditions in areas of Brazil is causing commodity prices to rise 15 percent. –source

Water Main Breaks

Water main break in New Rochelle left hundreds without water on Sunday morning after a major water main break, creating a 16 foot wide and 6 foot deep sinkhole. – source


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