6.5 Earthquake Hits The Kermadec Islands

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A powerful magnitude 6.5 earthquake took place at 9:26 today along the Pacific Ring of Fire.Three were no  tsunami’s, injuries, or buildings that there were damaged in this event.

On October 2011 a powerful 7.4 earthquake hit east of the Raul Island, and generated a small tsunami but not causing any damage. And Three months earlier

on July 2011 a 7.6 earthquake struck about 163 kilometers east of the Raoul Island.

A moderate earthquake hit southern Iran measuring 5.5 in magnitude, and has jolted a sparsely populated area to the south of the country.

Another powerful 6.2 earthquake took place in the Mariana islands region at a depth of 71 kilometers. The following is a list of

A moderate 5.5 earthquake struck Southern Iran today, with many buildings damaged in the tremor, and no deaths reported. In 2003 26,000 people were killed in an earthquake event that flattened the historic city of Bam located in Iran.

13 earthquakes in one week took place in Texas & Oklahoma, as activity has gone up over the past weeks.

The following is a list of magnitude  4.9 or greater earthquakes for 2/2/2014:



Volcanic Activity

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Tolbachik volcano in Kamchatka is has been downgraded to aviation color code green, as the volcano has been calm. At the time three volcanoes are in the elevated status: Shiveluch, Karymsky, and Bezymianny.

Sakurajima volcano in Kyshuu Japan is showing small explosions, and ash plumes reaching 10-12,000 feet in altitude

The Suwanose-Jima volcano in the Ryukyu Islands have become less frequent. Dukonao volcano in halmahera has shown frequent ash plumes, and strong explosions.

At the Dukono volcano there have been ash plumes detected on satellite imagery.Kilauea has shown eruptions that continue unchanged, as the inflation-deflation cycle has turned to deflation.

Popocateptl has shown weak activity, with gas and minor amounts of ash recorded. The Fuego volcano has shown an increase in  activity, with a total of 16 explosions observed with ash plumes reaching 1200 meters in height.

The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador, has shown a strong phase of activity yesterday afternoon, with a series of powerful vulcanian explosions.


Wild Weather leaves 200,000 Without Power In Europe & The Balkins

100,000 people have been left without power in Elektro & Ljubljana, with customers in Babnia. Serious problems are taking place in Croatia and Serbia, with thousands stranded on a road in the area. source 

England is experiencing the wettest winter month in almost 250 years, and Venice Italy is experiencing washed out Vineyards.

Sinkholes Events

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A sinkhole in the United Kingdom swallowed a parked Car in the United Kingdom, measuring 20 feet in depth.The family living in the home nearby the sinkhole has been evacuated.  –source



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