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Every other day their seems to be a train derailment which takes place, and leaves authorities scratching their heads. Just going through some of the original articles you will see the ongoing story officials not knowing what is going on with train derailments.

The picture below shows the entire picture, a train derails bending the tracks as carts went flying off:


Taking place in Dunedin New Zealand February 19th 2014, with a magnitude 6.5 earthquake which took place within 24 hours of this train derailment, there may be a connection here:


Take note on that same day on February the 18th there was a and a 6.8 earthquake in Bathsheba Barbados. This  is also a region where the pacific plate and the Australian plate meet, and is no stranger to stranger earthquake activity:

australian and pacific There most certainly could be a connection here to this train derailment and this powerful earthquake event. As highlighted in yesterday’s video update, powerful magnetic compression’s are taking place, with large earthquakes following those events, which can potentially lead to train derailments, earthquake swarms and ect.

This is the best potential evidence that unexplained train derailment could be caused by earthquake events, which are then caused by magnetic disturbances and the source of those being planet x.

A few other train derailments which took place include a train traveling from Halifax to Montreal Carried merchandise and grain, as four cars hopped off the tracks and spilled 3,5000 liters of diesel fuel. According to The Transportation Safety Board and CN: ” It’s too early to suggest a cause,”. – source

There has been a total of six train derailments in the last week alone, and from the looks of things these train derailments are not slowing down any time soon.


We have a string of 4.0+ earthquakes which struck in Saskatchewan measuring 4.9, 4,8, 4.7 in magnitude. The ongoing story with earthquakes, is the link between large magnetic compression and large earthquake events that follow the event as reported by several researchers into the subject of planet x, and magnetic compression’s, which are on the rise.



On February 22nd, 2013 more loud booms were reported in South Carolina residents, and there have been three loud boom reports in the past week alone. The loud boom reports are scientifically connected with earthquake waves.

Water Main Breaks

A water main break took place on a Ohio state interstate for hours, shutting down an entire interstate. All four lanes were closed after the 12-inch water main break on a bridge above the roadway spewed water over the highway. – source


A fireball crossed the sky over Catalonia on February 22nd 2014, according to meteorologist Eloi Cordomi, it had to be a bolide or a meteor weighing approximately 1 or 2 kilos. On February 24th 2014 ethan Rogati said he captured a photo of a fireball streak across the sky around 8:45 p.m Sunday.

90 total fireballs were reported for 2/25/2014, just when it looks like fireball reporting is slowing down it just keeps picking back up. Many people have stated that this was the brightest fireball they have ever seen, and several reports are coming with sound being heard.



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Gas Explosion

There was a blast in Russia which killed three on February the 23rd 2014. February 23rd 2013, In Biysk russia there people died Sunday after an explosion at a mall in Siberia’s Altai Republic according to pole.

Two children were crushed to death by a giant boulder at the French ski chalet. The youngsters were staying near the resort of Isola when the tragedy happened in the early morning hours. source

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