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A small flurry of strange earthquakes took place in McCord Oklahoma today, a 3.7 and 3.3 earthquake took place in Oklahoma. Another 3.4 earthquake occurred in Medford Oklahoma and a 3.2 earthquake in Enid Oklahoma.

Other significant earthquakes include 5.4 in Drake passage,  and yesterday there was a 6.1 earthquake in the Fox Island, Aleutian Islands.


Volcanic Activity

Aerial view of Popocatépetl’s summit with the new pit crater (image: CENAPRED)

At the Popocatépetl  volcano a surge in activity destroyed the existing lava dome and leaves a new crater.  Magnitude 2.6 and 1.6 earthquakes took place yesterday, preceding the elevated activity. The volcano is currently at “Yellow Phase 2” alert level. –source

There are currently no earthquakes to report on the Yellowstone volcano.

The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has shown a swarm of very deep earthquakes occurred in the area of Punalu’u on the southwest flank of Kilauea. –source



The continuing story has been the rash of massive sinkhole events which have been taking place in china. A sinkhole event in Shenzhen china left a 13 foot deep hold in the ground, injuring a taxi driver and 4 passengers. Shenzhen saw 10 road collapses in 2013 alone, with injuries and deaths reported.-source

Yesterday an elderly woman (73) was horrified after she was stuck in a sinkhole in Edinburgh Scotland. According to the elderly woman:

When we looked into the hole it was just completely hollow underneath the road, not like a pothole but more like a sinkhole. It was like a cave, it was terrifying.” –source

Residents are currently have been evacuated in the sinkhole event which took place in Hemel Hempsted, eight homes in total have been evacuated from. –source

Mass Animal Deaths


A total of 21,342 dead birds have been found in western France and a total of 500 volunteers are working the weekends to clean up the dead birds. 2,800 injured birds were taken to rescue centers, and according to officials the bird deaths were due to the extreme weather events. – source

Gas Explosions

gas explosion
Qatari emergency personnel inspect the site of what state television said was a ‘gas cylinder’ explosion in the Gulf emirate’s capital Doha on February 27, 2014. – AFP

A large explosion near doha shopping mall killed 12 people, including two children, as well as 30 wounded as a
tank exploded at a Turkish restaurant. The investigation reveals that a gas tank exploded setting off a fire and causing the building to partially collapse. source

Extreme Weather

Mango farmers in south Gujarat are having unseasonable showers over the last two days, and farmers in the area worried that the damage from the weather could cause crops to fail. – source

Winter storm Titan is set to bring an ice storm potentially for the Ohio Valley and snowstorm for west, Midwest, and northeast.- source

Fireballs And Space Weather

There are currently 40 reports of fireballs that are pending an investigation at the American Meteor society. There are currently 7 sporadic fireballs on Nasa’s all sky fireball network a the time, and 6 fireballs for February the 26th 2014, for a total of 15 total sporadic fireballs. source 1 | source 2

Space weather – A geomagnetic storm is in progress following a glancing impact of a CME on February 27th at 1645 UT time. The CME event is an after effect of the X4 flare witnessed on February the 25th. – source

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