In San Simeon California a magnitude 4.1 earthquake took place near California’s central coast. We have some interesting earthquakes today with a 1.5 earthquake which took place on the New Madrid seismic zone at a depth of 7.5 Kilometers.
new madrid, seismic, zone

Before the new madrid tremor there was a 1.1 earthquake which took place in Tiptonville, Tn just 1 hour and 22 minutes away.The Yellowstone volcano was shaken by a small 1.4 earthquake and then a small 0.7 quake west of Yellowstone Montana.

Keep in mind the yellowstone super volcano could erupt at any moment, as Michio Kaku mentioned in the video below this volcano is a sleeping giant, just like the new madrid seismic zone which is long overdue for an eruption as well, and activity has spiked significantly in the past year.


Volcanic Activity

Volcanoes with currently elevated activity at yellow include the Cleveland , Shishaldin, Veniaminof, Pagan, and kilauea with the aviation color code orange.

Earth Booms On The Rise

In Gwinnett county, in Georgia strange sounds are being heard, strong enough to shake the homes in the region. For more information on earth booms watch the video below by researcher The United Knowledge:


Everything highlighted in the above video clearly points to a distant magnetic object, compressing the earths magnetic field lines and causing booms, earthquakes, and dramatic earthquake events as highlighted.

Just yesterday the Sulphur police in Louisiana were investigating the loud boom reports with the cause of the boom immediately being blamed on tannerite, with no evidence. – source

Building Collapse

west branch

A strange building collapse in West Branch Michigan which evacuated the Tanger outlet Center at 1;30 p.m on Thursday, February 27th, after the roof at the mall’s Ralph Lauren store collapsed.- source

Train Crash – A Tri Rail train crashed into a tractor-trailer in Pompano beach this afternoon, with lanes shut down.

Landslides – In Glendora California mandatory evacuations are underway due to another storm, which caused hillsides to soak. A mandatory evacuation order is in effect all the way to noon Thursday. –source

Weather Extremes

An extreme weather alert and winter storm watch has been issued for this weekend in Tulsa Oklahoma from Saturday evening through Sunday evening.-source

Shocking images from California’s extreme drought were posted recently at the daily mail website, with some rain relief. –source


fireball, seen, ever, largest

There are no fireball reports slowing down at the moment with 290 reports across 11 states on the eastern part of the United States. Quotes from viewers reporting this event include:

“It was the largest meteor I have ever seen”

“bright enough that I initially mistook it for a flare” 

“This fireball was huge!” –


Doing a little research into around this time last year it we have a magnetic field disturbance just a few day We have magnetic field disturbance 2/12/2013 with the Chelyabinsk meteor event occurring days later.

Fast forward to yesterday February the 26th 2014 we have the same disturbance followed by a fireball outbreak. This is the ongoing pattern that has not slowed down, and based upon the pattern of large magnetic disturbances then earthquakes, fireballs, and even volcanism, this will most likely continue.



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  1. I say the fireball on Saturday night arnuod 8 PM Ronkonkoma Long island NY, we were driving to the store and say this amazing ball of red/orange ball of fire, we pulled over tried to take pics, it then turned bright white and kept moving in the sky and remained wihite in color as it passed by. IT was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.