Today we have a buoy that went into event mode, in the Bay of Bengal :

bay of bengal

There was a 2.8 earthquake in the Dodecanese Island-Turkey Border Region near by, which occurred at 00:47:43.0 UTC time . A magnitude 4.6 earthquake took place south-east of Greece Karpathos, Greece which was also located near the buoy.

Earlier this morning there was a report of a moderate but strong 5.6 earthquake which took place in Chile. An additional 5.7 earthquake struck in Chile today with no reports of damages to building or injuries in both events.

According to the Tech Times, Chile is overdue for a large earthquake in the near future. Scientists say that a Richter 9 earthquake could be in the picture. Due to the subduction plates in the area, the two plates grind together to create friction. – source

Emergency Drills

Not too long ago the post office was known for delivering mail, and treating every customer with a smile. Fast forward to today, and the postal service is now holding emergency drills, With everything from fire trucks, ambulances, hazmat units and all. This is a full-scale emergency drill which will be held with 250 employees in attendance. source

The Minnesota national guard in partnership with more than 25 state, federal and international agencies are testing a large-scale disaster response drill, with more than 175 personnel gathered at Camp Ripley, St Paul, and Duluth for Vigilant Vortex. source

 Extreme weather – Tropical storm Karina currently has a wind speed of 102 kilometers, and a gust speed of 130 kilometers and is now a category 1.  Julio is now a category 1 Hurricane with wind speed at 102 km, gust speed at 130 km.

In Australia there is an attorney general which is currently talking about climate change and mitigating the effects,quote:

“Australia stands ready to play its full and fair part in global efforts to tackle climate change. We have begun to incorporate the security implications of climate change into our national security contingency plans. “

 Red Tide


Ebola Update

In Serbia and Albania there are a total of 18 new cases of infected Ebola patients that are receiving treatment. At the current time the total number of infected Ebola victims is currently 1,925, the total number of deaths stand at 949. source

Flooding In Cambodia thousands of families in Cambodia have been evacuated to higher ground due to severe flooding caused by monsoon rains and overflowing rivers. –source

Volcanic Activity – In Sicily Italy there was activity at the Etna Volcano which is currently erupting with a magnitude 2.0 earthquake occurring today. The prefecture of Kagoshima in Japan is currently showing activity today. source

Road Collapses – A bridge in Mahotari collapsed over a river on Wednesday night, due to flood triggered by rainfall since Tuesday.

A bridge collapse in Tyre injured three people on Thursday when a part of a bridge under construction collapsed.  Another bridge collapse took place in Himachal Pradash killing three people on Thursday, due to heavy rainfall. source


There are currently 31 fireball reports that are pending investigation at the american meteor societies website. Here are some interesting comments from viewers of the event:

“Never seen anything like it before”

“It was awesome to see this heading from the north to south !” –source





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