Two of the significant earthquake events for today started with a 4.8 earthquake struck in  Iran at a depth of 10 km, with an additional 5.2 earthquake which struck in eastern Kazakhstan.  Both earthquakes are near the region  where a buoy was in event mode on the August 14th, 2014. source

Volcanic Activity

hawaii volcano

The latest volcanic activity  has been recorded at the Mayon volcano, and the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. Kilauea’s East rift is showing continued activity and lava flows. source

Mt. Merapi is currently spewing volcanic gas and residents are keeping an eye on Mt Slamet as gas rumbled and increased activity is currently taking place.

Fireball Reports

Nasa’s all sky fireball network reported 57 fireballs on August the 15th 2014, 33 of the fireballs were Perseid, 21 sporadic’s, 3 kappa Cygnids.

American meteor society has a total of 21 reports pending for 8/16/2014. One eyewitness describes this event as something they have never seen before. source

Another eye-witness mentioned that it is not the biggest they have seen, however it was the most intense green they have ever seen, and beautiful.  This fireball event was  seen in several states AL, AZ, CA, FL, GA, IA, ME, MN, MS, MT, NC, NM, OH & OK. source

Here is video footage of the Perseid meteor shower below:

In Novato California

A Marin County Woman Claims that a meteorite plunked down on the roof of her home. According to scientists the space debris started on a path to her house some 4.47 billion years ago, around the same time that the moon was formed

“I hear this bump, bump, bump, like something hit the roof. And I thought ‘that’s odd, I have no overhanging trees,’” Lisa told CBS 5 at the time. Cbslocal

2015 Movie Releases

With subliminal messages in many of the media outlets, let’s take a look at a few movies that might be conditioning the public for a natural disaster.

Here is another interesting movie called San Andreas which shows the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California and the journey of a pilot to rescue his estranged daughter.

Mad Max Fury Road – An end of the world apocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches of our planet. The movie plots general citizens fighting for the basic resources of life.


Emergency Drills

A multi-state earthquake drill will be taking place this fall, according to officials the Great Southwest Shakeout is set for October the 16th. source

The Atlantic Count Office of Emergency Preparedness will be conducting a full-scale drill on August the 23rd at the Canale Training Center to test equipment and planning. source

The Westshore Regional Community Emergency Response Team will be holding a drill on Saturday at St. Paul Lutheran Church located in West lake. The interesting about this drill is that it will simulate a response to a tornado with “mass casualties”. source


Flooding in India has left a total of 17 dead due to landslides in the region. Unprecedented rainfall took place across the region causing rivers to overflow and triggering landslides. source

In Gorkha  two people were killed and seven others sustained injuries after a landslide buried a school at Finam-6. source

Mass Animal Deaths – A heat wave was blamed for 500 fish found dead in a park in Chiba Japan, analysis of the pond showed that there were low levels of oxygen which is believed to be the cause of the fish deaths.

Gas Explosion – Taiwan hasn’t been any stranger to strange gas explosion, and yesterday there was a gas explosion which killed one person, and injured 14 in Taiwan.

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