A magnitude 5.8 earthquake took place at a depth of 12 kilometers in New Britain Region Papua New Guinea at 01:11:32.5 UTC time.

A 5.1 earthquake took place to the East of the south sandwich islands. An additional 5.0, 5.4 took place at the rat Islands, Aleutian islands. There were 20 earthquakes which struck in Oklahoma today, which is another dramatic increase of seismic activity due to fracking and worldwide increase. source

Volcanic Activity

At the current time airlines are keeping an eye on a potential volcanic activity in Iceland, with 2010 being the last time flights were disrupted in the region. source

Yellowstone – Activity at the super volcano has picked up as of late with a swarm of earthquakes occurring yesterday. Today the swarm continues with a cluster of magnitude 1.0 earthquakes in yellow below:



Tjornes Fracture Zone – A cluster of small earthquakes are affecting the area with magnitude 1.0 – 3.0 earthquakes talking place on August the 21,2014.

The spurr volcano is also showing magnitude 1-3 earthquakes as of late with small earthquake today magnitude 0-1. volcano



Today we have a biological hazard to report in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with 10 deaths, in total to report. The democratic

republic of Congo has sent its health minister and a team of experts to the remote northern equator province after several people died from Ebola like symptoms. This situation is simply not improving, disease outbreaks will continue as the poleshift nears. source

Water Min Bursts 

In Deerfield, Massachussets  a water main brake closed a stretch of road, and water service has been restored to dozens of people living in the area. 30 homes were without water as crews worked to repair the break.

In Redding California a water main brake has left a redding neighborhood without water Wednesday. A water main brake took place in Milwaukee yesterday, creating a mess on the city’s south side.

In Scarborough Toronto, an Suv sitting in a sinkhole was caused by a water main break.

In Quarry Hill Park water service was lost after a water pipe broke in a remote part of the park.

In Schenectady New York a portion of Erie Boulevard is now open, after it was initially shut down on Wednesday morning because of a water main break.

A water main break in Tulsa Oklahoma is taking a toll on business as Heritage veterinary hospital is once again operating without water for Wednesday.

 Train Derailments uktrain


Six people were injured in Longleat Adventure Park (UK) overturned, a woman suffered leg fractures and needed to be airlifted to the hospital after the crash. source

In Hialeah Florida a private train with cars separated from an Amtrak train rolled into the rest of the train.  source

In main street and Brampton street in Garden City , there is a temporary closure after a train derailed at the location.

Final Thoughts

It is now obvious to those in the know, that our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, with ground motion monitors showing jolts across the world. On top of the worldwide earthquake jolts, we also have massive flooding occurring in the Philippines as well as Bangladesh just to name a few places.

With all of this in mind preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is a wise decision. Here is a helpful resource tool to help you begin the journey if you desire to do so:

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