indonesiaA powerful 6.2 earthquake struck in Kepulauan Barat Daya Indonesia at a depth of 10 kilometers. With two earlier earthquakes measuring 4.8, 4.9, and magnitude 4.5 at a depth of 10 kilometers each.

Two additional earthquakes took place in Kepulauan measuring  5.0 in magnitude, at 189 km in-depth.

Antofagasta, Chile experienced a magnitude 2.5 earthquake just off the shore at 17:39:54.0 UTC time. There were three earthquakes which also took place in Chile measuring 3.9, 3,9, and 3,7 in magnitude.

Another area in  Valparaiso Chile was affected by a small tremor measuring 3.4 in magnitude earthquake at a depth of 43 km. source

No damages to buildings or loss of life was reported for the earthquake events for today. Unfortunately the death toll in China has increased all the way up to 600 after the strong 6.1 earthquake struck injuring 2,900 people and destroying 12,000 homes in the area. The good news is that there were 200 survivors in the aftermath of the event.

Volcanic Activity


There was a new lava flow overflow started to descend on the Sciara del Fuoco  in the Eolian Islands, in Italy. At the current time there is an explosive amount of activity according to visitors in the area.

Stunning Image Of Planet X  By Alberto

pxWe are looking at the planet x object at the 10:00 position  next to the sun, Judging by the looks of things, the object just keeps on increasing in size and visibility. Just take a look at a another photo over at slightly inverted:


Clearly not a lens flare, as the object on the inverted version of the image shows darkness and density, just like the sun itself.

View more images here

Sinking Planet

A monster 30 ft deep sinkhole opened up in Chilcompton in a driveway Monday morning. The sinkhole continues to grow, as the property owner is describing this as a nightmare situation. read more

27 homes have been evacuated after a landslide destroyed a home in North Salt Lake on Tuesday morning. The incident started happening about a week and a half ago as the hill above the Eagle Ridge Tennis court noticed the earth began to move. read more

Extreme Weather

2,500 people have been stranded by the thunderstorms and mudslides with one person found dead.


Moving over to Paris, there were apocalyptic storms clouds but no storms associated with the clouds. Then moving over to Istanbul Turkey there was a tornado that touched down, that’s right Istanbul Turkey!


 Drought Conditions Continue

A total of 14 districts in Assam,India were affected by a lack of rain this year, state Agriculture Minister Nilamani Sen Deka told the Assembly today. read more

In Reno Nevada the fish are running out of water, with wildlife officials and volunteers working Tuesday to rescue the fish out of the quickly drying ditches.

According to a spokesman:

“We’re trying to make sure the fish in their get a second chance,” said Chris Healy, spokesman for the Department of Wildlife. “Nobody likes to see a natural resource go to waste. We would have seen a lot of fish go to waste.” source


A very bright and spectacular fireball was spotted in Kirk wood New York, with a total of 7 reports of fireballs at the american meteor society. source

Humanity At It’s Finest

With so many threats happening in the world today, it is refreshing to see something positive. We’ll close with a Russia Today video which shows everyone pitching in together to help a man with his leg stuck on the side of a  train:



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