Earthquakes –  In the early morning hours of September 10,2014 there was a magnitude 6.3 earthquake on the Molucca Sea at a depth of 30 km. Followed by several aftershocks with the following magnitude 5.1, 5.6, 5.7 , 4.9, 5.0, and 4.7 earthquakes.

The last significant earthquake took place in Iceland measuring 5.0 in magnitude.  California is being jolted by swarms of earthquakes in the past 48 hours alone with the strongest tremor taking place in Rosarita mexico, measuring 4.0 in magnitude.


In review, Alaska, Indonesia, Chile, and the entire earth is very active with earthquake activity in the last 48 hours.

Volcanoes – Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland is not showing significant changes, however, eruptive activity at Holuhraun continues. Krymsky in Kamchatka is showing intermittent Strombolian to vulcanian explosions with some ash plumes that were spotted on satellite.

Sakurajime volcano in Kyushu Japan is showing explosive activity compared to the most previous months. Suwanose-jima volcano in the Ryukyu Islands showed a small ash eruption which took place yesterday evening, rising to 2 km in altitude. source

Extreme Weather


Carcassonne France – Thunderstorms were reported in the Aude and Pyrenees-Orientales areas, and cars swept away in Collioure.

Calgary Canada – This is now the third consecutive day for extreme snowfall, with a foot of snow in areas such as Beauvais Lake in Provincial Park.

In Britain there is a recent news report showing winters becoming more volatile over the past decade compared to the previous century (100 years). source

Landslides & Sinking


A geological Phenomenon is sinking land used for farming, and hillsides in San Cristobal. The earth is opening in the

region threatening good crop yields for farmers, yet the populace is expected to believe that everything is normal?  Even after the giant crack which opened in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico?


In India and Pakistan sinking is on the rise as tsunami buoys warned near the Australian cost in the Coral sea gave alarms during early April, recording arise in the ocean floor beneath them. This is a clear signal of the indo-australian plate tipping, and a cover up of what is really happening here. read more 

Space Weather

There was a strong x class solar flare 1.6 earth facing, with expected geomagnetic storms. There were a total of 16 sporadic fireballs,and 3 September epsilon Perseid fireballs according to nasa’s all sky fireball network. source

There are a total of 6 fireball reports currently pending , with 2 reports from Canada at the American Meteor Society. Two reports have fragmentation visible in the fireball event.

Second Sunset Update By Esx


Today there was yet another unusual sunset, this time the sun was set below the horizon, and a beam of light began showing long after the sun was showing. Along with this I witnessed the entire sky line where the sun was settled turn red.

Last year I witnessed a beam of red light coming from the direction of the sunset, and I knew that could not be the sun doing that, so I grabbed a camera and caught a red orb setting with the sun. That was facing south west at around the sunset time in my area.

Earth changes will be something to  keep an eye on as well as space weather moving forward. Because planet x looks to be approaching, and we are guessing many of the events that we have been witnessing will begin to accelerate.


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