A rare 2.1 earthquake took place west of Russelllville Alabama, which is an area that doesn’t receive too much activity for the most part. Another moderate 2.9 earthquake took place in Irving Texas which is another area that doesn’t receive that many earthquakes as well.

A deep 422 kilometer 4.9 earthquake struck the Bonin Islands in Japan. A magnitude 4.4 earthquake struck offshore in  Chiapas, Mexico 657 km away from the recent land cracks in San Cristobal Mexico.



barda 3

Yellowstone – At the current time earthquake activity is low at Yellowstone with two low magnitude m1 – m2 earthquakes. Bardabunga volcano continues to remain active with a swarm of smaller earthquakes occurring at the time:


Kilauea volcano is currently showing earthquake activity with a small cluster of earthquakes as of late.


Kliuchevskoi volcano in Russia is showing a small cluster of magnitude 1.0 earthquakes on 9/11/2014. source

Emergency Drills

There will be planned emergency outages today, on the eve of the 911 terrorist attacks. Is this a test for something that will occur in the future? Is apart of a series of events to bring in martial law before the planet x announcement? This will be an interesting drill to watch with all of the talk of terrorism as of late, and missing planes. read more

Loud Boom Noises

Mysterious booms continue as the southern Coweta area experienced this starting just four weeks ago. According to a resident living in the area quote: “It was so loud that it shook our bedroom wall,”. source

Water Main Bursts

water main

A potential watre main brake took place just east of Wilshire Boulevard, and has resulted in the closure of

the eastbound lanes of Santa Monica Boulevard. source

A water main brake on Sunday Boulevard in Portland USA, has closed an entire avenue. source

In Florida the eastbound lane on State Road 520 will be shut down due to a water main brake. source

Space Weather

mag field

Yesterday, earth experienced deformed Imf lines with magnetic compression. Hf Radio communications are expected to be disrupted after the small xclass 1.6 flare, though this was a small flare, the magnetic field is weakening. source

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  1. Earthquakes in various pclaes were a sign of the end times for the last days generation, the first century Christians. THEY lived in the last days, not us today. The New Testament letters were addressed to them, not US today. The last days were the end of the Jewish dispensation (30-70CE) and marked the beginning of the new covenant age, which has no end!!