More proof of increased earth changes is today’s earthquake in Quang Nam, Vietnam. The earthquake measured a 4.6 on the richter scale and sent thousands of locals rushing out of their houses ground in panic after they heard loud blasts and felt the ground shaking.

“Many items on a table in my house fell down to the floor and my children cried and screamed when hearing explosions that sounded like the sounds of bombings,” resident Tuan said.

Record Tie For California Tornadoes This Week


In another interesting twist, five tornadoes which touched down across Northern California this week tied a single-day record dating to the year 1996, according to the National Weather Service.

“Knock on wood, we don’t expect them to be as severe,” said Jim Mathews, lead forecaster at the National Weather Service office in Sacramento.

The 5 confirmed tornadoes damaged dozens of homes and a handful of commercial buildings across an 80-mile swath of the northern Central Valley stretching from south of the Sacramento area to Oroville, then flattened trees in the

Sierra Nevada foothills north of Auburn. There were no injuries reported after the tornado hit.

You can read more about the California tornadoes here:

6.6 Earthquake Downgraded To A 6.5 By The USGS – Costa Rica

Costa Rica
A strong 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit Costa Rica’s pacific coast on Tuesday, shaking buildings and sending people running out into the streets, just as we saw with the Japan earthquake in 2011. There were no reports of any major damage taking place. Last month, A powerful 7.6 earthquake

shook the coasts, and even causing panic, as well as evacuations but only minor damage . Many Seismologists have declared that the earthquake was an aftershock of the September 5th earthquake.- 

Solar News

Solar Flare

Another large sunspot named AR1598 has erupted again, On October the 23rd, A strong X1-class flare erupted on the sun. The good news is that this solar flare did not produce a coronal mass ejection (CME). There were no auroras that are expected from the X1-class flare, however there is a possibility

that HF radio blackouts could go out at high altitudes.

In just days sunspots can turn towards earth, so it is a good idea to prepare for power outages, just in case anything happens. How will you stay cool? How will you keep your food cool? Do you have a generator? Just a few questions to ask yourself, just in case anything happens.


Yet Another Dead Whale Washes Achore In Rockport


A carcass of a 55-foot finback whale washed up in a Cape Ann Town of Rockport 40-miles north, where officials are fine with letting it sleep with the fishes.

“There’s no reason to remove it and there doesn’t really appear to be a need to. It shouldn’t be bothering anybody. Yes, there’s going to be some odors, but it’s a short-term problem. We’d prefer Mother Nature take its course,” Rockport Public Works Director Joseph Parisi said this morning.

You might notice in that in the article there is not report of why this whale died, there have been many explanations thrown out there, but no conclusions.

La Sinkhole Update

The Assumption Parish sinkhole is continuing to become worse, with a new crack that has formed near the sinkhole, watch this video below:

Many residents at a recent town hall meeting did not realize that the sinkhole has grown to 5.5 acres.

Read the full article here.

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