Millions of Americans are getting ready for the annual “Great Shakeout” drill. 14 million people have signed up for the drill, and 9.3 million in California have signed up to participate in the drill. Some of the

countries that have signed up for the drill include, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, Italy, and Virginia, where a magnitude 5.8 hit in 2011.

Preparedness is something that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa feels is important, quote:

“Hope doesn’t save lives. Preparation does,” Villaraigosa said. “Take a moment to remember: The power’s out, alarms are sounding, your phone doesn’t work, roads are inaccessible. This is a moment you have to plan for.”

“It’s not looking at earthquakes as doom and gloom,” organizer Mark Benthien said. “It’s all about what we’re going to do as a community to be prepared so that when there’s an earthquake, we’ll get back on our feet and recover.” –

We want to point out that being aware, and prepared, is a good thing, and to look at potential disasters and news as a route to save lives.

Volcanoes: Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa

There was a recent fact sheet released for Hawaii’s most active volcano which you can read here:

On average Mauna Loa has erupted every 6 years on average, in the last 3,000 years. And with population increasing in the area, all efforts are being made to moniter Mauna Loa’s summet, as well as rift zones.

Tornado Outbreak In Mississippi


Four tornadoes were part of a storm system that went through the northern and central Mississippi area on Wednesday night and also Thursday morning.
A twister traveled 16 miles from Scott into Newton counties east of Jackson. There was a half-mile wide damage path, which was rated an EF-3 on the Fujita scale, and winds at 140 miles per hour. Down trees, and electrical towers were reported. There was also one person

injured when a tree fell through a roof.

Authorities mentioned that Thursday, 7 people were injured when a line of storm pushed across the state. A high school in Greenville-Weston was closed until Monday.

Major Fault Area Detected In Villa Rica


A fault of great proportions was detected by disaster prevention agencies in the top of Villa Rica, this fault would threaten a vast area Garzon.

Maria Duran Aracely Vega mentioned that cracks are at least 50 meters high and 100 meters wide, quote:

“What we show is that about six months ago is evolving natural phenomenon. The land and the mountain is coming to a landfill which flows into the creek Majo, which in turn has an impact on at least two tributaries that cause the fall of total land and others, would produce an avalanche that is what we are looking to adopt mitigation measures, “Duran said Vega.

Landslide In Peru


Many children were among the victims of a mudslide, which sent a mass of tree and rock debris crashing into homes in Peru’s jungle Wednesday, which killed 11 people. 10 other people are unaccounted for, according to the country’s state news agency

Heavy rains in the area set off a natural disaster in the San Martin tropical forest in Peru’s northeast area, which destroyed “at least 10 houses and a pedestrian bridge”.


Loud Boom And Fireball Reported In The Bay Area

A bright fireball was reported with hues of red and orange, that streaked across the night sky, and was visible from San Fransisco’s Bay Area on Wednesday, October the 18th at around 8pm local time. Here is video of the



New Crop Circle

Crop Circle Wobble
Image source:

An interesting crop circle has formed in Windmill Hill, England which reveals a wobble of planet X. Here is an excerpt from the poleshift.ning web blog:

“(The Earth will adjust, especially because Planet X will be between the Earth and the Sun, and all of a sudden the N Pole of Earth will swing in many different directions as it adjusts itself to this sudden change. We mentioned, in the Whiplash ZetaTalk, that ricochet effects and twirling are possible. Twirling? It will be useful to hear any comments from Zetas about this formation. The change in a character of the Earth wobble or what else?” Continue reading–>

With many weird events that are taking place on earth, it is becoming more obvious that planet X could be the cause of what we are seeing worldwide. Take a look at a crack that opened up in Spain after a recession of water in flood effected areas of El-Esparragal:




In Lancaster County, a man who first res-ponders pulled out of a sinkhole around 8:00 pm is now pronounced dead by the Deputy Coroner.

Fire fighters first saw the man face down in a sinkhole which is on his friend’s yard.

“The challenge would be of additional collapsing with the ground being soft thinking of the weather we had overnight last night and the ground being soft with collapsing so we have to build a working surface and a support surface to support the dirt from any more collapse than it already is,” stated Willow Street Fire Chief Michael Reese.”


La Sinkhole Update

There where ten strong explosions on Monday night at Camp Minden after a meteor shower brought up many questions. Many questions included whether Louisiana’s sinkhole area aquifer explosive-level methane could have traveled just north, where a meteorite hit, which some astrophysicist believe could have taken place.

“If there is enough methane in the air, just about anything (like a rock hitting another rock, causing a spark) could ignite explosions,” physicist Steve Knudsen said in an email Friday.”

With the Orinid meteor shower taking place this Sunday, will this meteor shower cause a large increase of explosions?

“This is extremely serious,” Kim Torres, spokeswoman for the Office of Emergency Preparedness, told “The people are very aware of how serious this is.”

Here is an important video update on the Louisiana sinkhole, that is a must watch:


It looks as if overall we are headed for a bumpy ride for the rest of 2012 and headed into 2013, stay tuned to earthshiftx as we attempt to put the pieces of the puzzle together.










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