There was a moderate earthquake that was recorded Friday in Guatemala today measuring 4.9 in magnitude, and taking place at 12:32 p.m. There were no damages or loss of life reported for the earthquake, with the epicenter believed to be at 15.502N 91.630W; or 16 miles northwest of Huehuetenango.

The quake took place deep undergrand, and according to the USGS the earthquake shook at about 142 miles beneath the surface.

 Mexico Earthquake




There was a strong but deep Mexico earthquake today at which measured 5.1 on the richter scale. This earthquake was another deep earthquake which was 56 miles

below sea level. This earthquake was registered one of the strongest tremors of the month.The USGS indicated that at 10:30 am local time the quake erupted offshore of Chiapas.

The earthquake was only ten miles west of Mazatan, according to officials. The earthquake was twenty-miles southwest of Huixtla and 21 miles west of Tapachula.

 Very Important Video On Earthquakes

The John Moore show is a great show that talks about preparedness and what is taking place with earth changes. In the following video you will learn about a potential large earthquake that could take place before February the 3rd.

As the woman in the video mentioned it’s important that anyone living near a fault zone should be on alert right now. Medical supplies, water filtration, water, food, and protection are good places to start. The next level would be an evacuation plan just in case you have to get out of the area.

Volcano Activity


Bright lava erupted from the Russia volcano in Kamchatka Penninsula which was once dormant. Many scientists want to know why this volcano is all of the sudden active.

How long has this particular volcano been dormant? This volcano has been dormant for 40 years. Many researchers have been studying this volcano from the ground to the air.

One of the most interesting things to note about this volcano is that lava and ash are spewing from the sides of the volcano and not from the main crater.

Strange Red Dust Cloud Engulfs Shoreline

red ash

One of the most interesting stories took place today as a red dust cloud was captured on Video in Australia. We wonder if this cloud has anything to do with the record wildfires taking place in the region.

The red dust cloud swept across the coast of Onslow. Meteorologists say that dry conditions on the ground and heavy winds created the perfect mix for the dust storm.

Dead Fish Wash Ashore At Masonboro

dead fish wash ashore, dead fish


There are hundreds of thousands of dead fish that washed ashore this week at Masonboro Island, according to the state Department of Environment and Natural resources.

Many of the dead fish were identified as Atlantic Menhaden, and were strewn along the island’s beaches and in the water, stretching over 1 mile area from the Mason Inlet jetty to Loosins Creek, officials reported.

According to the article from starnewsonline, the fish died due to dissolved oxygen levels from a silvery filter-feeder at the Losins Creek? This all sounds like a little fishy to us, no pun intended.

Raw Sewage Spills Out Of Sinkhole In Harrisburg

There have been 3 sinkholes in just one neighborhood in Harrisburg may have done more than disrupt utility services and make residents relocate from their homes. Many city officials are also responsible for two raw sewage spills.

According to the department of environmental protection, there have been 1900 gallons of raw sewage spilled into the Susquehanna River on January 1.

The spill took place when a silt and mud went into a sewer drain in the area.The issue then occured in a combined sewage overflow chamber at Woodbine and Green Streets.

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Great Information On Earth Changes From Stan Deyo

We are in very interesting times indeed, and we hope to keep the general public aware and hopefully prepared.


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