A strong magnitude 6.1 earthquake has shook southern Mexico early Thursday and was felt in the capital, the good news is that there were no reports of damages or loss of life.

The epicenter of the temblor, which struck at 3:20 a.m was located in a sparsely populated, mountainous region southeast of a town called Ciudad Altamirano, Guerrow state according to

the National Seismological Service, otherwise known as the SSN.

20 minutes after the initial temblor that occurred at a depth of 40 kilometers (25 miles), the SSN detected a magnitude 4.1 aftershock in the area.
This looks to be yet another magnitude 6.0+ earthquake, and in the last 5 days there have been six magnitude 6.0 or greater earthquakes according to the USGS:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
6.0 9km E of Tlalchapa, Mexico 18.407°N 100.373°W 60.9
6.1 82km SW of Vallenar, Chile 29.157°S 71.272°W 61.8
6.0 Off the coast of Aisen, Chile 45.744°S 77.142°W 9.7
6.4 248km S of Cape Yakataga, Alaska 57.605°N 142.899°W 12.0
6.5 30km WSW of Champerico, Guatemala 14.164°N 92.167°W 27.0
6.8 52km NNE of Shwebo, Myanmar 23.014°N 95.883°E 9.8

 Stranded Pilot Whales Found Dead

There where 28 pilot whales stranded in Golden Bay, and they have recently died after their pod became trapped at a high tide mark on Farewell Spit as of this morning.

As many as Eleven died within the first hour and another short time later.

The department of conservation this afternoon confirmed a decision was made to euthanize the remaining 16 whales, and programme manager Hans Stroffregen said doc was disappointed at the outcome.

Earlier in the year more than 80 whales died after a mass stranding of 99 pilot whales at Farewell Spit. – odt.co.nz

Volcanic Activity

There has been no shortage of volcanic activity as of late, and this is something that watch for as earth changes continue to increase.

Ash emissions have been reported from Paluweh volcano (Rokatenda), in Flores, Indonesia, with some of these ashes showing up on satellite images. VAAC Darwin reported a plume at 8,000 ft (2.4km) altitude extending about 100 km to the west from the volcano today.
There was not that much activity coming from Etna volcano, but a small SO2 plume, which showed up on NOAA’s satellite image on November 14th.

The popocatepetl’s activity is still high with constant emissions, mainly of steam but some with small ash plumes and ejection of incandescent material onto the upper crater area.

A glow was visible at night and a strong SO2 emission signal indicates the continuing rise of fresh magma. A seismic swarm seems to also be taking place today.
At the Fuego volcano in Guatemala there have been explosions taking place as of late. And with the large earthquake we witnessed earlier, we predict more activity for the volcano.

The San Cristobal volcano has also been showing some tremor activity in the last days.




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