There have been no shortages of earthquakes as of late, with several magnitude 6.0 earthquakes in the past few weeks alone. Here is a screenshot of some  of the most recent large earthquakes according to the USGS:


M Location
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Lat Lon D
6.4 163km SSW of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia 49.269°N 155.472°E 29.1
6.0 9km E of Tlalchapa, Mexico 18.407°N 100.373°W 60.9
6.1 82km SW of Vallenar, Chile 29.157°S 71.272°W 61.8
6.0 Off the coast of Aisen, Chile 45.744°S 77.142°W 9.7
6.4 248km S of Cape Yakataga, Alaska 57.605°N 142.899°W 12.0
6.5 30km WSW of Champerico, Guatemala 14.164°N 92.167°W 27.0
6.8 52km NNE of Shwebo, Burma 23.009°N 95.884°E 9.9
6.1 186km SSW of Port Hardy, Canada 49.185°N 128.528°W 16.6
7.4 36km S of Champerico, Guatemala 13.977°N 91.876°W 24.0
6.1 6km ESE of Burgos, Philippines 9.237°N 126.237°E 38.0
6.2 210km S of Masset, Canada 52.129°N 132.320°W 18.6
6.3 152km SSW of Masset, Canada 52.679°N 132.590°W 13.5
7.8 137km S of Masset, Canada 52.781°N 132.103°W 20.0
6.5 12km WNW of Nandayure, Costa Rica 10.085°N 85.298°W 17.0
6.2 112km WNW of Sola, Vanuatu 13.552°S 166.564°E 36.0

The 6.0 earthquake in Mexico on the 15th of November caused residential buildings in Mexico City to move around and sway like boats on a river. The mayor of Mexico City tweeted
: “we have an earthquake” but without any spacing.

The mayor went on to tweet that there were no damages or injuries reported, and everything was working normally. While the news was great in Mexico City, Guatemala was not as fortunate as 44 people died from the 7.4 earthquake that struck on the 7th of November.

From the looks of things, we clearly are seeing an increase in frequency of these larger earthquakes, with continued volcanic activity worldwide.


One of the most active volcanoes in the world in New Zealand could erupt very soon. Mt. Ruapehu in central North island should be avoided according to Steve Sherburn a volcanologist.

An alert level has been raised around the central North Island, and it has been raised to yellow- which suggests that unrest is taking place.

 The New Madrid Could Be Leaking Methane Gas


Recently there was a mysterious explosion which took place in Indiana and several other areas. Could these explosions be linked to the methane gas coming from earth? It would not take that much fire for sparks and potentially explosions. is reporting that the New Madrid fault zone could potentially be under a methane gas attack from the Louisiana sinkhole and the Gulf of Mexico.“Methane gas leaks are spreading throughout the south Louisiana area. Within four months, as of this week, methane bubbling sites have increased to twenty-eight”

As mentioned earlier there has been at least 6 mysterious explosions within the last month, all within the New Madrid fault zone from Louisiana through Northern Indiana. This video reveals some type of gas coming off the gulf coast in streams:


 Strange Animal Death’s 

Thousands Of Dead Fish

In Dunkirk harbor, thousands of dead shad fish were in the waters of Lake Erie. According to the Senior Fish and Wildlife Technician Rich Zimar of the state department of Environmental Conservation Fisheries Station in Dunkirk:

“At this point in time, we don’t see that it’s a crisis situation,”

“Thousands upon thousands of fish pack into the harbor looking for warmer water,” Zimar said. “We don’t have warm water like we used to because the power plant isn’t producing (warmer waters).” –


Live Update:  A magnitude 5.3 earthquake has just struck the Vanuatu Island’s. If you remember an earlier article we published, SO2 plumes and fresh magma is coming out of the volcano at Vanuatu.

Live Update #2: A magnitude 6.1 earthquake just struck Neiafu, Tonga.


Video Of The Leonids Metoer Shower


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