In Perry Oklahoma the U.S Geological Survey reported a 3.0 magnitude earthquake taking place at 10:49 p.m Friday night.There were no reports of damages or loss of life in this earthquake event.

The poleshift.ning website gives us all a clear glimpse into the frequency, and the amount of earthquakes that have taken place recently with maps.

To view all of the earthquake activity as of late, click here.

Massive Snow Tornado Seen For The First Time Ever In Russia Republic of Buryatia

For the first time ever a snow tornado suddenly appeared out of the snow in the forests of Buryatia. Here is video shot by Vladimir Daganeev, who is a resident of Buryatia:

 More Mysterious Bird Deaths


 In Springfield Missouri, a flock of birds were found dead at the intersection of Erie and Fremont in Springfield, and it has caught a lot of attention from viewers. Many people who were passing by were sending in pictures and they estimated that there are forty dead birds. There was another

observer who referred to the scene as “eerie”.

The website that was reporting the mysterious bird deaths attempted to contact ornithologists, but they were given the run around and they were given another number to call instead of an explanation.

Is This Footage Of Planet X?


There are several videos that show a second sun in the sky, that is clearly not a lens flare as many debunkers claim on youtube. There is no doubt that the Zeta’s and Nancy Lieder have provided a lot of information about planet X, flooding, and many of the earth changes that we are experiencing.

And on top of the information provided by the Zeta’s, they have provided many images of this rouge planet that could be in our galaxy. For more information on Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s visit to find out more information. It would take months to go through all of the details, but for time purposes, the Zeta’s have some type of contact with Nancy lieder and they are predicting that the earth’s poles will shift dramatically once planet X makes its passage.

The only downside to Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s is the wrong prediction in 2003, which many researchers have highlighted. That is why you will never read about any planet X predictions from our website. From what we have researched, there are dramatic earth changes taking place, and all efforts should be made to be ready for a wide variety natural disasters that could take place.

Since hurricane sandy, Katrina, and the Japan earthquake and tsunami, preparation is now going main stream and we recommend all readers take preventive measures to avoid gas rations, food shortages, and not having electricity when needed the most.

Large Solar Flare Headed Towards Earth



A large electrically charged particle thrown from the sun has almost reached earth, with many scientists expecting it to trigger one of the most violent geomagnetic storms ever.

There could be power surges and even blackouts, with broken down communication satellites.

This particular solar flare is the strongest seen in 30 years according to many experts. The northern lights in southern Britain should

see spectacular displays in the skies as the solar flare arrives.


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