Red Rain Falls In Sri Lanka

On Friday November the 16th the Daily News reported that red rain fell for over 15 minutes the areas of  Sewanagala, Monaragala and Manampitiya,Polonnaruwa. In the early morning hours. Here is video showing the rain, and in explanation in another language:


This is the very first time that red rain has ever been seen in the Sri Lanka area, in most cases red rain is attributed to sand storms, however, there are no sand storms in Sri Lanka at the current time.

Here is an interesting excerpt from the article:

“India had red rain last year and Indian scientists discovered a variety of micro organisms as a reason for the rains. Since the micro organisms had no DNA, they guessed it had to be a strange phenomenon.”

Could the red rain be caused by the tail dust of planet X as Nancy Lieder and the Zeta’s have said? Here is a quote from about red dust from planet X:

“The red dust cloud evolved as many planets in the solar system are heavy in this element, Mars, for instance. There are portions of the Earth that exhibit a red clay soil, Australia and the Southeastern US, but this is not a nativesoil as much as an accumulation of deposits. During the breakup of the Asteroid Belt, many planets that had this element, heavily, were pelted to pieces. Molten lava spewed into space became the asteroids.

Iron ore is magnetically configured to pull out of any soup it is free to move within, and does so particularly in space. Thus, the dust, during poofing off into space during demolition derby’s as Planet X and its complex of Moons moved through what is now the Asteroid Belt, moved, and became part of the Planet X tail. Planet X, like a big magnet, swept through the area during the poofing phase, and emerged with a larger dust cloud, each time. 

We have mentioned that the tail curls toward the Earth, pulled by gravity and magnetic and other attractants, thus red dust lands hours before the point of passage. Thus, red dusting is a countdown clue, that only hours remain. The Earth, at this point, has been stopped in its rotation for days, approximately a week. Thus, since the South Pacific is more in line with where the tail is coming from, will this be the spot where the lick of the tail is first experienced?”


There have been sinkholes lately, with heavy rain opening a sinkhoe in Cosmopolis. A driver in Cosmopolis caught a surprise when he drove into the sinkhole on C Street. As soon as they passed the entrance to Mill Creek Park, they dropped into the hole in the road.

Mayor Vickie Raines mentioned that the culvert underneath C Street collapsed and tried to swallow the vehicle. The road to the hill was blocked to traffic as crews wait out the storm.


Another sinkhole opened up in Wilmington North Carolina with one resident in the area having the following to say about the situation:

“The only thing holding the roadway together at this time is the asphalt,” resident Duane Eastmond said. –


Yellowstone Alert Status Raised To Yellow

According to  the alert status for yellowstone is now raised to yellow:

Here is some of the most recent activity from Yellowstone as of late:

  • During October 2012, 128 earthquakes were recorded in the Yellowstone National Park region. The largest were a pair of magnitude 3.1 events on October 14 at 8:55 PM and 9:21 PM MDT, located about 18 miles south southwest of West Yellowstone, MT. 
  • These events were part of a swarm of 55 quakes recorded October 14 -16, with magnitudes ranging from M 0.9 to M 3.1. 
  • The swarm resumed briefly on October 26 with an additional 8 events, M 1.4 to M 2.3 located in the same area on the western edge of the Madison Plateau. 
  • Slow subsidence of the caldera, which began in early 2010, continues. Current deformation patterns at Yellowstone are well within historical norms.   Source: 

North Texas recorded a 2.3 magnitude earthquake with no reports of damages or loss of life. Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or higher earthquakes from the U.S.G.S website:

M Location
Click event below for details
Lat Lon D
5.2 47km SE of Taitung City, Taiwan 22.410°N 121.421°E 11.4
5.4 60km SW of San Antonio, Chile 33.918°S 72.143°W 11.8
5.0 119km SE of Bitung, Indonesia 0.808°N 126.054°E 9.9

Louisiana Sinkhole Update 



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