In Los Angles there was a magnitude 2.7 earthquake that struck the center of east Los Angeles City. The earthquake was fourteen miles south of Twenty-nine Palms, 19 miles northeast of Coachella. According to the

USGS, the earthquake was one hundred miles north of San Diego.
There were no reports of damages or loss of life, as the earthquake was a moderate quake. There was an earlier earthquake in September which measured a 4.1 on the Richter scale in 2012. –

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes for the last two days, take note that the 6.1 earthquake was downgraded to a 5.9 earthquake according to the :

5.0 73km SW of Pagaralam, Indonesia 4.542°S 102.855°E 77.8
5.6 34km ESE of General Enrique Mosconi, Argentina 22.666°S 63.488°W 459.1
5.0 8km SSE of Kangin, Indonesia 8.907°S 115.153°E 73.8
5.2 193km SE of Nikol’skoye, Russia 54.086°N 168.301°E 30.0
5.2 56km SW of San Antonio, Chile 33.985°S 72.012°W 9.8
5.9 59km SW of San Antonio, Chile 34.016°S 72.017°W 15.7
5.1 63km SW of San Antonio, Chile 33.962°S 72.142°W 9.7
5.0 39km ENE of Ishinomaki, Japan 38.499°N 141.735°E 37.3
5.4 225km SW of Kahale, Indonesia 11.375°S 117.930°E 9.9
5.0 177km ESE of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea 5.903°S 151.707°E 8.4

Other moderate earthquakes were recorded under Santa Monica Bay this morning when a magnitude 2.8 earthquake was recorded.

The quake hit at 6:03 a.m and was centered about four miles northwest of Hermosa Beach, according to the U.S Geological survey.

Volcano News 


Many scientists are on high alert as eruptions at Mt. Tongariro could continue for months, if not years. There was an eruption at Tongariro’s Te Maari crater at 1:30 pm on Wednesday sending a 4-kilometre plume of ash into the air and lasted about 5 minutes according to GNS science.

“Progressive pressure may build up over time and we think that’s what’s happening,” GNS vulcanologist Nico Fournier said.

Volcanic activity is spreading worldwide, with the Yellowstone volcano at yellow alert status at the current time.

Animal & Marine News

Many animal rescuers say they have rescued four stranded dolphins after a herd of 8 was caught swimming during a low tide on Thanksgiving at Herring River on Cape Cod.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare mentioned that it’s Marine Mammal Rescue and Reasearch team successfully herded 3 dolphins out of danger Thursday. One dolphin died in the

stranding so far. –

Planet X & The Zeta’s 

Image source: poleshift.ning

In a recent newsletter, moon swirls were captured by many photographers, quote:

“As frequently happens with photos of the Planet X complex around the Sun, several different photographers in different parts of the world captured the same massive and intensely bright Moon Swirl above the Sun at the same time in early November.” –poleshift.ning



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