The strongest earthquake of the day was felt in China, measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale as it struck early Monday afternoon near a town in Ruoqiang.

The area that this particular earthquake struck was lightly populated although vast in size. Many homes were damaged in the area, and the good news is that there was no loss of life or injuries to be reported according to the Xinhua News Agency.

Only 1,000 people live in the area where the earthquake took place. Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes for 11/26/2012 using the Usgs.Gov website:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.1 258km NNE of Bamboo Flat, India 13.851°N 93.655°E 42.2
5.0 9km ESE of Symi, Greece 36.581°N 27.939°E 10.4
5.1 91km ENE of San Isidro, Philippines 10.446°N 126.789°E 42.8
5.5 296km SSE of Turpan, China 40.419°N 90.374°E 19.9
5.1 Central East Pacific Rise 9.062°S 108.320°W 9.9

Flooding In Indonesia 

Image source: Poleshift.ning

The flood tide that struck Tegal, Pekalongan and Semarang in Central Java continues to increase in the region.

According to a recent article from poleshift.ning:

“Media Monitoring coast of Indonesia on Monday (11/26), the wave tide (rob) that hit some areas of the coast such as Tegal, Pekalongan and Semarang continues to increase, some areas in the north with a radius of up to 7 miles from shore inundated with depth reached 70 centimeters, an increase from the previous maximum of 60 centimeters.
The weather was overcast and rain blanketed the coast are expected to come increasingly adding to concerns of flooding along the arrival rob. “Under these conditions, we chose to evacuate, because it usually floods into the house by 0.5 meters,” said Supriyono, 52, a resident of New Housing Long, Pekalongan.” –poleshift.ning

Dead Whale Causes Beach Closures

Whale beach and also Palm Beach were closed today after several sharks were seen chomping on the remains of a dead whale washed up on the rocks over the weekend.

A resident in the area by the name of  Brian Conneely was shocked at what he saw and said he was adamant the sharks were great whites.

“I’m 100 per cent sure they were great whites,” Mr Conneely said.

“To be that close to a great white shark while they feed is a pretty awesome experience,” he said.

Louisiana Sinkhole Update

One of the big stories on the internet at the current time is the growing uncertainty in Southern Louisiana.

According to many analysts and researchers the sinkhole that is growing in Bayou Corne could eventually lead to a disaster larger than

the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster. Here is a recent flyover from 11/21/2012 that reveals the scale of the sinkhole in the area:


The Butane container which is the main concern to many researchers and city officials because it stores 63 millions gallons of liquid butane, is highly flammable when it is released into the atmosphere. If the butane container is allowed to escape, the consequences can could be devastating for the area.

Here is the latest news about the sinkhole from youtube researcher idaho Picker:


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