There was a magnitude 3.7 magnitude earthquake that struck central California according to the US Geological Survey. The earthquake

took place about six miles east–northeast of Ridgecrest, 142 miles north of Los Angeles Civic center.

A strong 5.5 earthquake struck Indonesia today with no reports of damage to buildings or loss of life. The Earthquake was centered 56 kilometers (35 miles under the sea).

 Volcanic Activity

A chain reaction is the cause of eruptions at Iceland’s volcano according to a group of researchers. Expanding magma chambers descended into the earth, and after two centuries of dormancy an eruption took place.

In 2012 the eruptions began, when a fissure opened on the flank of Eyjafjallajökull in March.

You can read the full story here:

Florida Is Sinking


Coastal flooding is an ongoing issue that residents are dealing with on a daily basis, as there are residents in New Jersey that are still without power for over a month after coastal flooding, down tree’s and wind devastated the area. Just as the Zeta’s and Nancy Lieder predicted:


Making adjustments to what is taking place and what will take place in the future can be the difference for those living in coastal areas. Moving farther in-land and making plans to relocate may be a good idea at this point.

Planet X Update

There are many photo’s of planet X, and there are also images of planet x and its orbs that follow it. Here is a video where a youtube researcher goes over a discovery that looks very interesting for those of you who like to see more visual evidence that it is in our solar system:


What’s interesting is how planet X looks just like the ancients describe it, such as having a giant tail and looking like a cross. As Nancy lieder has pointed out, you can also see the red iron oxide dust that is trailing this object as it makes it passage. The ancients describe planetx/niburu/wormwood as a great dragon because of the many moon orbs trailing behind it.

As this youtube researcher points out the tail is very long, and it covers a lot of space. The red skies, blood rivers, and blood-red rain that we are seeing looks to be red iron oxide dust from the tail of planet X, just as the Zeta’s and Nancy lieder describes:

“The tail is composed of red dust, charged particles of iron oxide.
This is reported in folklore to be deposited in large quantities in the hours before the pole shift,
causing ponds and river to turn a blood-red, bitter to the taste.

ZetaTalk: Red Dust, written Jan 11, 2003

The red dust cloud evolved as many planets in the solar system are heavy in this element, Mars, for instance. There are portions of the Earth that exhibit a red clay soil, Australia and the Southeastern US, but this is not a native soil as much as an accumulation of deposits. During the breakup of the Asteroid Belt, many planets that had this element, heavily, were pelted to pieces. Molten lava spewed into space became the asteroids. Iron ore is magnetically configured to pull out of any soup it is in, to move freely, and does so particularly in space. Thus, the dust, during poofing off into space during demolition derby’s as Planet X and its complex of Moons moved through what is now the Asteroid Belt, moved, and became part of the Planet X tail. Planet X, like a big magnet, swept through the area during the poofing phase, and emerged with a larger dust cloud, each time.” –

West Coast Storms And Power Outages

Power outages, storm surge, coastal flooding, and high tides are just a few of the threats that Californian’s are facing this weekend as a wave of rain and wind will be affecting the area. According to the accuweather forecast it may not be until the middle of next week before storms settle down back to normal.

Why Are Coal Mines Closing?

If you perform a Google search on coal mine closings you will notice that they have increased all of the sudden. What’s interesting is that there was a  youtube video that spoke about the recent coal mine closings being closed because they don’t want people trying to go underground when everything begins to take place on earth.

This could just be a regular coal mine closing but it is kind of suspicious to say the least. Here is the video that talk’s about the coal mines that are closing:

Overall, we can’t simply over look the earth changes that are taking place, even if planet x isn’t going to cause damage. It is always a good Idea to make plans to be ready for natural disasters.

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