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In the Philippines, the Mayon and Tall volcanoes remained at alert level 1 according to the NDRRMC. The alert levels were raised because both volcanoes began having earthquakes in the past 24 hours.

One of the first times that the alert level was first raised, both volcanoes on Thursday, November 1st, after 5 volcanic earthquakes were recorded in mayor and 2 were  observed in Taal. The alert level 1 means that there is abnormal volcanic activities are observed, however, hazardous eruption is not imminent.

The volcanoes are being closely monitored by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology.

Residents in the area are being advised to stay away from the 6km radius Permanent Danger Zone on Mayon volcano, and to avoid the entire volcano island as a whole. –Rappler.com



A shallow earthquake measuring 3.0 on the rictor scale was reported Sunday morning four miles from the Upland, according to the U.S Geological Survey. The epicenter for the earthquake was located six miles

from Claremont, six miles from Rancho Cucamonga and 35 miles from the Los Angles Civic Center.

In the past 10 days, there have been two earthquakes measuring 3.0 and greater centered nearby.- La Times

 Options for Bayou Corne Residents Becoming Smaller

As the sinkhole in Louisiana increases it’s side to approximately 6 football fields, and methane gas continues to come out of the sinkhole, many people living in the area have been forced to leave, but it has not been easy for them to leave the area as options become limited.

Here is what a resident in the Bayou Corne area thinks about the situation:

“I’m a pretty patient person, but it’s come to an end for me,” Dugas said.

Dugas said he feels as though the two houses he owns in the Bayou Corne area have been taken from him with no way to recoup his losses.

He said he has resisted joining some of the lawsuits already filed over the sinkhole and the damaged Texas Brine Co. cavern believed to have caused it, but feels he has no other option because he does not feel comfortable moving back.

“You know what? I feel like somebody’s robbed me. You know and I … and I can’t do nothing about it. You know, like they just stole, you know, everything I own,” he said. “And I want them punished for it, you know. That’s how I feel.” –Theadvocate.com

 Strange Animal Deaths

Bird Die Off's
Three dead common loons among 236 that washed as http://www.miningjournal.net/

There was a dramatic scene along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Schoolcraft county, nearly 700 dead water birds that were thought to be the victims of Type-E botulism were found.

“During two weeks in mid-October, a seven-mile stretch of beach near Gulliver amassed 413 carcasses, including 236 common loons,” said Damon McCormick a loon researcher from Common Coast Research and Conservation. “This episode was preceded by a September mortality event that primarily involved horned and red-necked grebes.” –miningjournal.net

84 Dead Turtles In Egypt


There is a large investigation to figure out what caused the deaths of dozens of sea turtles which washed up on Egypt’s Mediterranean shore last week. Some reports say that the turtles had eaten poisoned fish in Lake Bardawil, but conclusive results have not yet been published.

According to the Suez Canal University oceanography professor Magdy Elwani, it can be common for fisherman to poison marine turtles.

Read more here

Whales & Dolphins Stranded In Australia

Many volunteers were working yesterday to save the few survivors among about 100 whels and dolphins which were stranded on a Tasmanian beach, in hopes of getting them all back out

to the sea. There were more than 80 of the animals which were dead as fisherman found them Saturday on King Island. There were 2 whales and 6 dolphins which were considered to be strong enough to help keep them afloat.

What sad about this story is the following realization, which the gulf-times article highlights:

“They’re incredibly socially strong,” he said. “One whale beaches and the others come in to be with that whale and we end up with the whole pod stranded. They just won’t leave other whales they think are in distress, even if it means their own death.” gulf-times.com

We believe that there could be a cover up taking place, where many of these animals are dying due to twisting of the earth’s magnetosphere, remember,  there was a program that was taken off the internet recently which monitored the earth’s magnetosphere and that data showed that something out in space was twisting it around, in an un-natural pattern.

Since many of the mainstream news sources don’t want you to know something is out in space, they simply state things such as “The birds were drunk” “The turtles ate bad fish” “There was polution in the sea waters”. If this is the case, then why is this happening all across the world?

We’ll let you the reader be the judge…

Strange Sounds Continue To Be Heard

Not that long ago, many people around the world began to record video of strange sounds being heard, in fact these strange sound which sound like a trumpet or something scraping against something else have been heard since 2011.

Here is a recent video where loud noises were heard in Denver, NC:

 Yet Another Interesting Video On Planet X

It remains to be seen whether or not an announcement of planet will take place, once again, whether you believe in planet X or not, it has been proven that something out there is repelling the earth’s magnetic field, watch this video below:




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