Earthquake Activity For 1/18/2013

A moderate 2.9 earthquake hit the east Midlands today, with the British Geological Survey reporting the small tremor.

The area where the earthquake was felt was located in Derbyshire, Liecestershire and NOttinghamshire.

Julian Bukits of the BSG mentioned that the quake took place at 5:20 am and the tremor was quote “average” for the United Kingdom.

According to an eyewitness to the tremor Groby, Leicestershire told BBC Radio Leicester:

“It lasted at least 20 seconds and some DVDs fell off a shelf in my room”.

Another resident called and said:

“It sounded like an e underground train coming and everything wobbled.”

Leicestershire police said they had received no reports of any tremors and had not been called out to any incidents.

There was a spokeswoman that had the following to say about the quake:

“We’ve not received any reports of tremors and had not been called out to any incidents.”

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Record Breaking Heat Continues In Australia


In the Australian city of Sydney, it is the hottest day on record with temperatures reaching 46C or 113 Fahrenheit.

Many areas in the wider Sydney are have become even hotter, with the town of Penrith, to the west, registering a temperature of 46.5C. In Victoria state there was one man who was killed by a bush fire, which was one of dozens of raging fires across southern Australia.

Many firefighters are still battling dozens of wildfires sparked by the intense heat in New South Wales and Victoria.

The small town of Licola in eastern Victoria is reported to have been cut off by a 44,500-hectare fire, as its sole access road is blocked. There were many officials that said dozens of people had been evacuated but 10 locals were still there.

You can read the rest of this story by clicking here.

The following image is a map of Australia, with an eye witness account of what is taking place:

australian fire, fire, fires, in australia, record breaking heat


“I tried to call you but I’m not having much luck with phones or Internet these days and possibly it could be the heat.

Just got up and the news is not good. Looks like today might be the worst with fires. out of control in Victoria and where I come from in NSW (New South Wales) we are starting to get news of people we know (who are) affected. So far about 115,000 acres gone and last night they said some 51 houses, but one person said this is conservative.

It has jumped the containment lines in the Warrumbungles and is only about 8 km from Coonabarabran. So far none of my relatives are affected but one lot of cousins had to evacuate to another town.This could go on for days or weeks and we expect today will be horrendous.”

Of course, Australia is not the only place where extreme weather events are taking place, as Greeks are stealing wood so they can keep their homes warm:

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With heating costs rising for many Greeks many are turning to theft as the only answer:

“The forest is open for everyone to enter and people just think they can help themselves, but they can’t!” says Enno Rosenthal, head of the forest farmers association in the northeastern German state of Brandenburg. “Naturally, those log piles belong to someone and there is a lot of money and work that goes into them.” –

There is also heavy snow that is slamming the United Kingdom with snow that it is forecasted to continue through the rest of the day. According to a recent Acuu Weather report:

“A storm from the Atlantic Ocean combined with colder-than-average conditions has brought accumulating snowfall to much 

of the southern United Kingdom.

The snow is forecast to continue through the rest of the day across Wales and much of England before tapering off overnight.

The heaviest snowfall thus far has fallen across southern Wales, as well as the West Midlands and South West England.”

The Great Awakening Of 10 Volcanoes In Just 1 Week


In one of our previous articles we highlighted the increase in earth changes abroad, and increases in volcanoes in particular. What we are experiencing with volcanic activity is nothing short of epic. From the month of January the 6th to the 13th, in only seven days, there was no less than 10 volcanoes that stirred into activity. Six volcanoes in the Kamchatka area are currently

reporting actvity, as planet earth equilibrates its thermal cycle, more and more of the planet’s systems that utilize thermal energy will be thrown out of order. Expect plate movements, tectonic plates movements, sea-floor spreading rifts, sesimic events, climate, volcanic systems, and ocean circulation patterns. Epic change has come to the planet earth and the effects will only become more pronounced as time passes.

For a more in-depth report on volcanic activity we highly recommend you read the recent article from the extinction protocol by clicking here.

So What Exactly Is Going On?

You might have to pause the following video a couple of times, because the following video reveals what is taking place in detail:



It is ultimately up to the reader to decide what is taking place, however we can say for sure that earth changes are on the increase, and with 11,000 aftershocks taking place in New Zealand in 2010, it can no longer be said that everything is fine with the earth and things are normal.


There are those who are either ill-informed or paid to post dis-information, when you begin to talk with these individuals or you get into a friendly debate that get angry, name call, and use a wide variety of tactics. We recommend that our readers trust our content, but then verify it by clicking on the links labeled “source” or “video link” at the end of our articles.  We try to provide links to every piece of content that we post on our website.

In short, we are trying to get the message out that everything is not normal with earth, as we pointed out in one of our most important articles of all time, the earth is being affected by something in space. Whether that something is planet X, or a brown dwarf is up to our readers to decide, either way things are getting worse and now is a wonderful time to take positive action by hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Here is a great video that help you get started with your preparation in a big way:


This is not a time to be fearful, it is a time of great change economically, physically, and mentally. Taking preventive measures will help you keep a peace of mind, and confidence in a food crisis, water crisis, or any other crisis that a family could face in the near future.

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