We have bad news to report in the aftermath of the 7.4 earthquake the struck Guatemala on the 7th of November 2012. 10 family members were buried alive together after the Guatemala earthquake on Wednesday.

10 caskets lined up in two rows in the Vasques living living room, with only 1 survivor in the family which was an eldest son about

to graduate with an accounting degree.

“When the quake struck, thousands of pounds of earth calved off from the wall above the pit, burying the 44-year-old and almost everyone he loved: his wife, Ofelia Gomez, 43; their daughters Daisy, 14, Gisely, 8, and Merly, 6; and their sons Aldiner, 12, Delbis, 5, and Dibel, 3. Their nephews Ulises and Aldo Vásquez, both 12, also died.
Only the oldest son, Ivan, 19, survived.
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A reported 70 aftershocks were reported within the first 24 hours after the earthquake, there were some aftershocks as strong as 5.1 in magnitude.

Strange Animal Deaths 

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 – cbs8.com

In other news, hundreds of dead fish have been found washed up in St Peters Billabong with the St Peters Council spokeswoman saying that a lack of oxygen in the water cuased by decomposing leaves caused the massive fish deaths.

Here is a photo of the fish:


Volcanic Activity 

Popocatepetl in the Mexico region is showing increased frequency of emissions and explosions, which reveals more than 2 per hour on average, during the 6-7 for the month of November, and about 3 during the 7-8 of November.

The Guego Volcano and the Santiaguito volcanic activity has not changed, and it had 13 weak strombolian explosions which counted between 7-8 in November, with a lava flow being about 600m long.

There was a seismic swarm which began at Nevado del Ruiz volcano around the 5th of November when a 2.2 magnitude earthquake took place at 01:38 local time and is continuing with over 2000 small quakes recorded so far.

Activity at the Soputan volcano in Indonesia is increasing, as well as Kilauea in Hawii.

Live Update: A magnitude 5.3 earthquake has just struck in Sibolga Indonesia, with no reports of damages or loss of life reported at the present time.



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