There were two moderate earthquakes that struck the Alaska Peninsula late Friday and early Saturday according to the USGS. The first struck at about 11 p.m AKST with a preliminary magnitude 4.9. The USGS later adjusted the magnitude upward to 5.9.

The second earthquake struck at 7:58 a.m AKST and given a preliminary magnitude of 4.4 however it was then revised down to 4.1. One of the first earthquakes was described as 56 miles northwest of Aleneva, 66 miles northwest of Port Lions. Alaska has

been a region that has seen an increase of earthquake activity as an earthquake swarm was reported in one of our previous articles.

A Potential Mississippi River Shut Down

 The Mississippi river may be faced with an imminent shutdown of commercial traffic along the nation’s largest waterway, as drought conditions continue to worsen.

The drought that the United States is facing, has been the worst drought in decades, and has lowered the water levels around the river, which is now threatening barge traffic for goods and services.
One of the big challenges that many barges is facing is the rocks that are sticking out from the bottom of the river. Here is what senior Vice President of Regional Advocacy for the American Waterways had to say about the issue:

“The Corps needs to get in there and literally blow them up to get them out-of-the-way or we will be either extremely limited or completely shut down some time between December 15 and December 30,” –

Russians Prepare For Doomsday

Many Russians or preparing for doomsday, as people begin to stock up on gasoline, and food as many locals feel as if the world will end with the mayan calendar on December 21st 2012.

One of the most well known theories is that the sun will line up with the center of our Milky Way galaxy and cause a major blackout on earth. Survival kits are being sold, and even trips to hell and back as the date quickly approaches.

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 A Sudden Violent Rhino Death By A Volcano

There was a rare rhinoceros fossil that was found in what is now Turkey, revealing that the Rhinocerus died violently about 9.2 million years ago.

The rhino was estimated to be about 10 15 years old when it died according to paleontologists.

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Russia’s Tolbachik Volcano Could Be THe Next Eruption

The Tolbachik volcano in Russia is showing signs of increased activity, as the alert system was raised from yellow to orange. At the current time the alert is now at red, which is the highest warning.

According to the alert system the red level means: “Eruption is forecast to be imminent with significant emission of ash into the atmosphere likely,” or, “Eruption is underway with significant emission of ash into the atmosphere.”
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Experts are now carefully monitoring this volcano and they are hoping that the eruption won’t affect the area as much as the 2012 eruption of Eyajafjallajokull. Overall, volcanic activity has increased worldwide, and it remains to be seen what could happen next as earthquakes are nor hitting areas where dormant volcanoes and fault lines exist.

Louisiana Sinkhole Update

Just recently it was reported that the Louisiana sinkhole burped, bringing up debris and crude oil, and also widening out even further. On top of the most recent burp, radiation levels have now increased in the sinkhole area. Here is an excerpt from a recent article that covers one of those toxins being released from the sinkhole:

“After four months of dangerous levels of radiation being released at Louisiana’s giant sinkhole, impacting lives of hundreds and perhaps thousands of people, finger-pointing has begun regarding whose fault it is that the naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) is there.

NORM is a common petrochemical industrial complex waste problem potentially negatively impacting the human right to health.

NORM is a frequent byproduct of oil and gas drilling processes. It creates wastes that industry has often dumped improperly – in water, on land, by burning and in “accidents” – to prevent storing it illegally.

Oil and gas drilling processes can concentrate naturally occurring radioactive isotopes underground at various levels, sometimes posing health threats, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

Could There Be A Connection?

With the Mississippi river drying up, explosions being heard in Louisiana along with earthquakes in the area, could there be a large connection to the ripping of the New Madrid Fault Zone? Remember, last time there was an earthquake on the New Madrid the Mississippi river went backwards causing it to dry up, is the process happening on a slower & smaller scale that is leading up to a much larger event taking place?




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