Typhoon Bohpa Kills 902 And Leaves 80,000 Homeless

Typhoon Bopha killed more than 900 people and left almost 80,000 others homeless in the Philippines  according to the government Thursday, a week and a half after the storm devastated large parts of the southeast Asian island nation.
The death toll, which the govenment set Thursday at 902, is likely to rise significantly, as 934 other people remained unaccounted for. There were more than 2,600 people that were injured.

“I am saddened and bothered by the devastation brought about by Typhoon Pablo,” President Benigno Aquino III said, using the name the storm was given locally. “But it is in situations like this that our strength as a nation is measured. We will rise as one nation again.”  worldnews.nbcnews.com


Here is footage of typhoon Bohpa:

The explanation behind this typhoon as well as other storm systems that have taken place as of late is the earth’s wobble. Along with storm systems recently there have been extremely high tides taking place at different parts of the globe because of the earth’s wobble. Here is the explanation from poleshift.ning:

The base cause of these changes in ocean tides is the Earth wobble which developed as a result of the close proximity of Planet X to Earth. We warned that ocean tides would become erratic as this Earth wobble developed, pulling the waters along with the lurching Earth to disrupt the normal and anticipated tides.”


“The establishment is now switching to high tides as an excuse, claiming that a storm surge is creating a high tide. Since the cause of a storm surge can be away from the shore, and not easily determined by the common man busy with his daily activities, this excuse is less easily challenged. The high tide or storm surge excuse will also move to tsunami, blaming a quake in some locale or another. But eventually, when the flood waters do not drain, the truth will out.”


In areas such as the United Kingdom, California, and Northern France high tide is becoming more frequent:


Earthquake Activity


A strong magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck Papua New Guinea, according to the U.S Geological survey. The epicenter of the earthquake was believed to be 4.724 S 152.964 E or 18 miles south-southwest of Taron and 54 miles east- southeast of kokopo.

There have been 22 M7.5+ earthquakes recorded in the New Guinea region since 1900,” according to the USGS. “The dominant earthquake mechanisms are thrust and strike slip, associated with the arc-continent collision and the relative motions between numerous local microplates. The largest earthquake in the region was a M8.2 shallow thrust fault event in the northern Papua province of Indonesia that killed 166 people in 1996.”

There were no reports of damage or loss of life from Saturday’s earthquake according to the USGS. A recent video from youtuber the united knowledge is is very informative, and is worth taking a look at below:


Volcanoes Continue To Spit Out Ash Plumes


KVERT is reporting amplitude volcanic tremor emanating from the ongoing eruption at Plosky Tolbachik. The eruption plume rises to around 3 kilometers.


Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) awoke and erupted as of yesterday. The eruption resulted in a small pyroclastic flow and an ash plume that rose in excess of 6 km. There is more continued activity being reported today. Seismographs from the volcano were unavailable at the time of this writing.

volcano 2



Planet X Seen At Neumayer Station?






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