Honshu japan was hit by a 5.0 earthquake today, as 177 earthquakes have spread to the Western Pacific countries. According to the USGS, the quake had a depth of 20 miles and struck off the east coast of Honshu, Japan. One of the geologists believe that a 7.9 earthquake could hit the region within the next year.

The epicenter of the earthquake that took place today was about 20 miles deep, according to the USGS, which is near enough to the surface to set off a tsunami had it been a larger temblor.

 Following The Real News That Is Going On And Not A Maya Calendar

Interesting video that popped up on our radar, that talks about the Mayan Calendar, and how nothing will happen on that date. As we have stated on one of our featured articles, there are 10 other things that we can confirm that are taking place on earth right now as we speak. As far as the Mayan calendar is concerned there are no cataclysms that will face humanity on that date.

This YouTube channel goes into detail on actual earth changes that are taking place:

 Planet X Update

In this latest planet X video it looks as if it’s tail is on the move, if you are in the right hemisphere and you use a double red filter, you can see this object in the sky. If you would like to know more information about planet X from Nancy Lieder, you can watch the video below:

Note, around 9:00 minutes into the video Nancy begins speaking.
Japan Is Sinking

Things have never been the same since the 2011 earthquake in Japan, with radiation problems at Fukashima as of 12/12/2012, and also 6,000 square kilometers of land across Japan have subsided.

Here is a quote from poleshift.ning which talks about the situation in more detail:

 “The Environment Ministry says nearly 6,000 square kilometers of land across Japan have subsided by more than 2 centimeters in the last fiscal year.The figure is about 1,000 times greater than in the previous fiscal year that ended March last year, and the largest-ever since records began in 1978.Municipal organizations that extract underground water assess land subsidence on a regular basis.About half the 30 tested areas in 20 prefectures were recorded as sinking more than 2 centimeters.

This level is judged to have a potential impact on buildings’ stability.The ministry says Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture sank deepest by 73.8 centimeters, followed by Ichikawa in Chiba by 30.9 centimeters. Tsukuba in Ibaraki sank by 15.2 centimeters.” poleshift.ning


It has been an extremely active month for volcanoes worldwide, as many of the world’s volcanoes such as anak krakatau, and Ecuador’s Tungurahua. Here is the latest video which reveals how Ecuador’s volcano is erupting as late:


At the present time, there are simply too many volcanoes to report on in one single article, and there is a good chance that if your reading this right now you probably are aware of the volcanoes that are active, if not here is a map which reveals the most active volcanoes as of 12/19/2012:


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