3 Earthquakes Near Patras Measuring 3.6-4 In Magnitude

3 Earthquakes took place last night and early Friday near the Greek port cities of Patras and Florina, which caused no damage.

The first earthquake took place at 1:21 am. Its epicenter was 12km west of Patras and its hypocenter was 5kms deep, seismographers said. The second quake that took place measured 3.6 on the Richter scale, just 3 minutes later at 1:24 am.

A third tremor with a magnitude 3.8 took place at 7:50am in Florina Greece. There were no reports of damages to people or things.

Lying on a large fault, Greece is Europe’s most seismic country, with at least half of all continental earthquake taking place within it’s boundaries.



Sun Dis-Info & Space Weather



The YouTube researcher brings up a lot of good data, and information that clearly shows something else, other than what we are being told is affecting the earth’s magnetic field. This is important information, and no answers are coming from NASA.gov, or any other agencies that are supposed to provide answers.

When you question authority, there is a good chance that you will be ignored, and even tased by those who don’t want to answer your  questions, concerns or complaints.

Recent news from spaceweather.com shows a relatively weak stream of solar wind, which is expected to brush against Earth’s magnetic field on December 28th-29th. NOAA forecasters estimate a 10% chance of polar geomagnetic storms during the next 24 hours.

More Fish Deaths With Rising Tide 


In North Naples, a red tide has spread along the Collier County coastline this week as thousands of dead fish have washed

up along beaches in Sarasota and Charlotte counties.

A Red tide can eliminate marine life, and cuase coughing, sneezing and watery eyes in people, although the county hasn’t recieved repots of dead fish since November 27th and just one report of respiratory irritation since

NOvember 15. According to the county staff, people with emphysema and asthma should be careful when going to the beach.

“Sarasota parks and recreation director George Tatge calls the red tide outbreak “significant.”

He said most of the dead fish are large mullet. Tatge suspects a large school of mullet likely got caught up in a red tide bloom and washed ashore because of strong wind from the west.” –www.naplesnews.com

 Volcanic Activity volcano

Nicaragua’s tallest volcano has belched an ash cloud hundred of metres into the sky prompting the authorities to order the

evacuation of some 300 families, according to the government.

San Cristobal, one of Nicaragua’s even active volcanoes, also spewed hot gas and ash on Tuesday in what is the latest bout of sporadic activity.

There was a Yellow alert declared on Wednesday in a 1.8-mile radius around the volcano to allow the evacuation of residents who would be at great risk during a significant eruption.

Over 1,500 farmers living on the slopes of the volcano refuse to leave the area despite the warnings that have been issued.


Gun Confiscation And Planet X 

If  there was a giant conspiracy to take over the world by the illuminati, wouldn’t we see signs of this right now? Well, we are seeing people in Losangeles and other parts of the country turning in their guns in mass. Our theory is that if planet x is out there, more moves to take away our freedoms would be activating as the planet makes its passage. It all makes sense to us, but not everyone feels the same way.

When there was a twisting of the earth’s magnetic field an act was passed that allowed all resources to be taken over in the event of a national emergency. Once again, another sign that more freedoms and controls can be activated in the event of an emergency.

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