Earthquake Activity

One of the largest cities in Alaska was shaken by an earthquake and felt over a 175-mile swath of Alaska. Other then items that were knocked off shelves there were no reports of deaths or damages to buildings.
The West coast Tsunami Warning center said the magnitude 5.8 earthquake occurred  at about 4:45 p.m and was centered 30 miles northwest of Anchorage. The geophysicist by the name of Guy Urban said the earthquake wasn’t expected to generate a tsunami.

“No reports of damage thus far,” said Anchorage police spokesman Lt. Dave Parker, who felt the quake at his home in Wasilla, about 45 miles north of Anchorage. “Just a little shaker-upper,” he said.

In other earthquake updates, there was a small 2.3 magnitude earthquake detected by the USGS at 6:11 a.m, and was centered 6 kilometers south of Lake Arrowhead near a town called Waterboro.

Shortly after the earthquake took place there were reports rolling in about the earthquake from residents living in the area.

The earthquake in Alaska was the only earthquake for 12/4/2012 that measured of magnitude 5.0 or greater according to the website:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.8 44km W of Anchorage, Alaska 61.230°N 150.720°W 53.2

There Might Be Volcanoes Active On Other Planets

Recently there has been a string of dormant volcanoes becoming active on earth, and also increased earthquake activity. But could Venus also be experiencing increased volcanic activity?

A recent article from Nature Geosciences by Marcq and others suggests that there are active eruptions occurring over the last few decades on the surface of Venus.

It is difficult to find out what is taking place on Venus because of a thick atmosphere. Observations of sulfur in the atmosphere by the Venus Express orbiter and previous missions like Pioneer Venus suggest that the amount of sulfur rises and falls by almost 100-fold. Where could this sulfur

come from? Volcanism could be the culprit with the surface of Venus being covered by young-looking volcanic features.

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 Whale Washes Ashore

A 25-30 foot whale washed ashore on Monday at little Dume beach. A necropsy that was done on the whale is leading scientists to suspect it may have died after colliding with a ship.

 Louisiana Sinkhole Disaster Update


The owners of the failed Louisiana brine storage cavern are doing their best to comply with a state order so they can rapidly solve the problems that they created.

Their drilling operations have resulted in an eight-acre sinkhole in Assumption Parish.

And there is a $100,000 fine that is imposed Saturday by the state conservation Commissioner James Welsh, who mentioned that the company hasn’t complied with his Nov. 12 order to speed up work.
After the Texas Brine salt cavern failed in August a sinkhole then developed. Texas Brine and several other companies own

at least five other caverns in the Napoleaon Salt Dome, which is about three miles long and a mile wide. Many residents of 150 Bayou Corne-area evacuated in August, after the sinkhole developed in the area.

The sinkhole has grown from 1 acre to 8 acres since it first developed.

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 The Latest On Planet X


The evidence is hard to debunk, and the earth changes are increasing so much so, that climate change and global warming articles are also increasing:

Blood red rain, Blood rain rivers, and increasing earth changes such as the ft lauderdale beach side disappearing, it will be interesting to see if an announcement is made, and if not will there be more signs.

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