Extreme Weather

Frigid snow producing arctic air barreled across Colorado on Tuesday, December 3rd.


Dangerous wind chills are expected for the next 2 days, in South West Montana and will fall to -10 degrees to -30 degrees.

In Cuba we have heavy rains which have damaged over 200 buildings in the Cuban capital of Havana, as 841 people

have been moved to temporary shelters while another 1,399 were forced to stay with relatives, friends, and neighbors.

Drought Conditions

In Texas there is good news, as drought conditions have been eased from some of the in recent months.

In California there could be another drought, as many weather experts have predicted rainfall totals which will be lower than normal.

Drought conditions have continued in Pueblo Colorado, according to the U.S drought monitor three-quarters of the state is experiencing some form of


There is currently a big chill coming from Canada on Wednesday, which threatens the San Joaquin Valley’s broad citrus belt, but it could
also mean the two year drought could continue.


Strange Blood Red River

blood river

In the Czech Republic we have a river which turned blood red over a night. Officials have stated that they believe the incident was due to a butcher, up stream, and
the police believe it was a faulty filtering system. Of course, for those who follow the story of planet x, this could be red iron oxide dust that is in the massive tail of the
planet x complex, as these incidents have not been in only one city, but several across the planet earth.


In Gatineau commuters in the area witnessed a water main break which then caused a sinkhole.



Magnitude 5.0 Santa Cruz Islands

Magntude 4.3 Simeulue Indonesia

Magntude 4.5 of the coast of honshu japan

Magnitude 5.3 Sulawesi Indonesia

Magnitude 4.8 East of kuril islands

Magnitude 5.8 Mariana islands region

Magnitude 6.0 South of fiji islands

Magnitude 5.0 Kermadec islands region

Magnitude 4.8 New Britain Regiion P.N.G

Source: http://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/seismologist.php?view=1

Power Outages


600 million people have been left without power in India, as the worst power outage in a decade has hit the region.


In Union City we had a power outage which affected 6,000 customers in Fremont. 6,300

customers were left without power after utility workers discovered a damaged equipment.

2,200 customers were left without power in La Mesa, as classes had to be in the area from the outage.


In East Frankfort there 3,000 meters which were affected by a power outage in the area.


On December the 3rd a massive power outage took place in Venezuela.


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