A moderate earthquake struck Iranian Province East Azerbaijan this afternoon on Saturday. The magnitude 4.7 earthquake’s epicenter was 66km northeast of Tabris, where two

devastating earthquakes on August 11th 2012 killed more than 300 people. Original reports of the earthquake declared two people injured by the quake. With some houses in the village of Shahsavar damaged.

The final reports from Iran say that 34 people were injured by the earthquake, with 23 people who had to go to nearby hospitals in Tabris and Heris. There are small aftershocks that continue to rattle the area.


The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology recorded a 5.1 magnitude earthquake in Davao del Sur early dawn SUnday. Based on Philvolcs monitoring, the earthquake’s epicenter was recorded around 1:31 a.m Sunday at 168 kilometers southeast of Jose Abad Santos in Davao del Sur.

The quake was located in a tectonic origin and had a depth of 112 kilometers from the seabed. One of the first quakes was measured at 2.4 in magnitude, and the second earthquake measured 3.5 in magnitude. There were no aftershocks or reports of damages or loss of life.


Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes for 1/27/2013 according to the U.S Geological Survey

5.2 79km NNE of Nago, Japan 27.214°N 128.362°E 57.9
5.2 Southern East Pacific Rise 34.733°S 108.974°W 14.8
5.1 7km NNW of Funaishikawa, Japan 36.526°N 140.534°E 70.9
5.1 Southern East Pacific Rise 35.163°S 108.522°W 10.0
5.7 57km ESE of Hihifo, Tonga 16.105°S 173.240°W 8.6
5.0 92km W of Kuripan, Indonesia 5.170°S 102.940°E 58.1

Booms Now Reported In Texas 

The earth booms that are taking place recently could potentially be a warning sign, and it’s good to be aware of potential danger. The New Madrid fault zone is one of the largest fault zones in the United States, so those living in nearby states should be ready for a potential earthquake.

YouTuber The United Knowledge highlights the latest booms, and how these booms could be a warning sign.


Breaking News About The Louisiana Sinkhole (Please Spread)

From the looks of things, the Louisiana sinkhole disaster could be reaching a climax with the wellpad cracking:


The entire area is sinking, as land was previously in the area, now water has spread across the area, with tremors taking place on a more frequent basis. There is also a group of individuals who want the area to be declared as a disaster zone.

Here is the most recent flyover video of the sinkhole, which one YouTuber points out clearly, quote:

“There’s enough butane and propane in near by mines (caverns) that if it escapes will make the biggest explosion this country has ever seen. And I believe it’s going to happen. Look out.”


Here is an update video of the sinkhole, which “looks a bit worse” according to the following YouTubers source:


Stay tuned for more information as, earth changes are picking up at a rapid pace.

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