Earthquake Activity 


There was a shallow magnitude 3.6 earthquake that was reported Thursday afternoon, just five miles from the Pinnacles. The tremor took place at 1:04 p.m Pacific time at a depth of 5.0 miles.

The epicenter was 17 miles from Soledad, 19 miles from Greenfield, 25 miles from King City and 70 miles from San Jose City Hall, according to the USGS. In the last 10 days, there was also an additional 3.0 reported in the air.

Boley, Oklahoma experienced a magnitude 3.7 earthquake today, with the epicenter of the earthquake located four miles southwest of Boley, about 5 miles east of Paden Oklahoma an 57 miles to the east of the Oklahoma City metro area.

There were no damages, injuries, or deaths to report for both of the earthquakes in California.

Volcanic Activity For 1/3/2012

Kvert is reporting strong tremors at the Plosky Tolbachik in the Kamchatka Penninsula. There was also a partial collapse of the lava dome at the Sheveluch volcano which took place in December 31st.

The collapse of the lava dome created pyroclastic flows and their accompanying ash clouds.


volcano 1


Earthquakes in small intervals have become much more frequent at Mount Spurr volcano, with seismic unrest and debris flowing, which last erupted in 1992.


Two of the 3 Guatemalan volcanoes are showing increased activity as of late, as a number of earthquakes have rattled Pacaya, while at the Santiaguito Dome Complex on the


flank of Santa Maria.


volcano 2

Spectrograms from Ruapehu volcano suggest a sharp rise in volcanic tremors at the volcano, but a similar rise at the nearby Tongariro volcano suggests wind “noise” is the culprit.

The Tongariro seismographs does show that another period of “chugging” earthquakes affected the volcano overnight.


Animal Deaths


A 7-foot long dolphon that weighed 150 kg, was found dead on the shore of river Bakra originating from Nepal in Bihar’s Araria district.
Officials involved in protection of marine mammals found the dead dolphin in Farsadangi village in Jokihat block of Araria district yesterday and buried it today after post mortem, official sources said.

Several cuts were found on the body of th dolphin, which suggest it was attacked by some type of sharp weapon. In addition to Ganga, dolphins are found in the water of river Bakra, Kankari and Panar originating from Nepal.


The forest Conservator of Purnea division UK Jha said the dead dolphin was traced on information provided by wild life lovers.


 Thousands Rotting Fish On The Beach


Coromandel have been cleaned of massive rotting fish in the area as thousands of snapper fish washed up on new years eve.

Fisheries officials have warned people in the area that the Thames-Coromandel District council staff try to work out how they came to be dumped at the popular holiday spot.

TCDC communications manager Benjamin Day mentioned that the dead fish were beginning to “rot and smell” so the decision was made to begin the clean-up immediately.

“With the DOC campsites full and boaties launching from the beach, we want to get the place cleaned up for our visitors as fast as possible,” he said.

“It is unusual because there are a lot of boaties out and about at that time of year,” Mikkelsen said. –

New Planet X Video

What is interesting about this video is the blue orb just to the bottom left of the sun, very interesting video by Alberto over at At the current time, we project that earth changes will increase, if planet X is really out there. From all of the research we have conducted, planet X could definitely be out there lurking, causing the earth to wobble and more earth changes.


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