Nevada has been an area that has experienced a swarm of earthquakes as of late, with a 3.7 magnitude earthquake hitting the region today.  A moderate earthquake and trio of smaller aftershocks have recent hit the area, and according to the U.S Geological Survey the 5.1 earthquake that hit at 4:10 p.m

Tuesday was centered 45 miles west of Tonopah, about 200 miles south of Reno and 17 miles south of Mina. The Nevada Seismological Lab at the University of Nevada says that three aftershocks measuring 3.1, 3.3, and 3.7 hit the area. The last came at 4:49 p.m 25 miles south of Mina.

The good news to report about the recent earthquake swarm is that there were no damages or loss of life.

Here is the list of earthquakes measuring 2.5 or greater for 2/13/2013 according to the U.S Geological Survey:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
4.5 20km WSW of Tres Picos, Mexico 15.809°N 93.713°W 103.6
2.7 35km ENE of Maneadero, Mexico 31.837°N 116.216°W 11.3
4.6 200km WNW of Saumlaki, Indonesia 7.026°S 129.758°E 120.9
3.1 72km W of Tonopah, Nevada 38.037°N 118.056°W 6.2
2.6 36km NNE of Nikiski, Alaska 60.971°N 150.956°W 55.7
3.1 18km S of Amukta Island, Alaska 52.327°N 171.244°W 35.6
4.8 126km WSW of Lata, Solomon Islands 11.107°S 164.743°E 9.9
2.6 20km E of Goldfield, Nevada 37.741°N 117.007°W 0.0

Landslide In England Stops Railroad


Nick Donovan, FTPE Managing Director says:

“The ground at Stainforth, between Doncaster and Scunthorpe, remains extremely unstable and land movement continues. The site needs to be made safe before Network Rail can fully investigate the damage caused.

“This is however very significant and it is now highly unlikely that we will be able to operate a train service for at least the next 8 weeks between Doncaster and Scunthorpe. This is clearly major disruption and I want to assure passengers that we are doing everything within our power to make journeys as stress free as possible and return the line to normal service as quickly and safely as possible.

Volcanic Activity

volcano discorvery Kawah Ratu – Mt. Tangkuban Perahu, West Java, Indonesia

The Stromboli Volcano at the Eolian Islands, in Italy is showing overflows continue to be active on the upper outer slope of the North East crater.

Louisiana Sinkhole Grows Bigger



The Assumption Parish Texas Brine failed salt dome area, continues to sink. The giant Louisiana sinkhole massively expands, and swallows up another 5,000 square feet! An expert declared that fractures are taking place in the sinkhole area and around the sinkhole.

At the current time the 8.6 acre sinkhole in assumption parish does not show any signs of slowing down as it eats up more land.
Here is a video from a Youtuber who gives us an update on the situation in Assumption Parish:


What will take place in the near future? Will this sinking area accelerate to the point of no return? This is a story to watch in 2013 for sure.



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