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The month of February has been very interesting, especially when it comes to earthquakes as an 8.0 earthquake affected the Solomon island regions, and the recent earthquake swarm in Nevada. Almost every other day the earth is being affected by 6.0 or greater earthquakes, and today is a perfect example of this taking place.

A strong 6.8 earthquake took place Thursday in the remote part of the Sakha region in Russia. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries reported for the earthquake. The epicenter of this earthquake was recorded 300 kilometers.

Volcanic Activity For 2/14/2013


Stromboli Volcano In Italy – At the current time the volcano in Italy is in a state of elevated activity with the magma column overflowing at the rim.

Etna Volcano In Italy -There is weaker activity in the new South East crater since yesterday.

Rasshua Volcano In Central Kuriles –

SVERT is reported that a thermal anomaly over the volcano was detected in satellite images taken on February the 6th.

Kamcahatka Volcano – There hasn’t been any significant changes in activity at any of the volcanoes in Kamchatka: fluid lava continues to erupt from the Tolbachik volcano, along with high tremor levels.

There is low seismic activity to report from the Karymski and Klyuchevskoi volcano. At the Gorely volcano there are medium levels of tremor activity caused by

fluid movements and strong degassing.

The Paluweh volcano in Indonesia has reports published by the Indonesian volcanic Survey that indicates an intense eruptive phase on February the 3rd causing the

collapse of a bout 1/4 of the volume of the dome, or one million cubic meters.

Kiluea volcano in Hawaii – There isn’t much of a change after the ongoing eruptions, as the lava lake has stabilized at 31m or 100 feet below the Halema uma u Crater


The Popocatepetl Volcano In Central Mexico is showing strong gas emissions and night-time glow which indicates continuing magma supply.

Santa Maria Volcano In Guatemala – There was a pyroclastic flow that took place at the NOrth East side of the lava dome, and reached the base of Santa Maria Mountain.

Visual observations over the past days were generally poor due to the cloud cover in the area.

Reventado Volcano In Ecuador – After a phase of more intense activity yesterday, the volcano has been quieter today. Even though the tremor activity has decreased,

there is still many volcanic earthquakes and explosion signals.

Soufriere Hills Volcano (United Kingdom): There is a slight increase that took place at this volcano in February the 3rd-6th.

Homes Across Minnesota Are Sinking

Many houses have sunk 3 – 5 inches into the ground, costing many homeowners tens of thousands of dollars. In Late August, Gary Dahle noticed he

could see light coming from inside his Waseca home, where the foundation meets the first floor. Drought conditions have caused about 30-40 homes per week to sink in the area. Along with houses sinking, drought conditions have caused problems in the Mississippi river. The good news is that drought conditions are improving for the better, here is a quote from one of the experts:

“If you compare what came out today with what we had in early December, you can definitely see improvements in western Missouri and south central Illinois,” said National Weather Service hydrologist MarkFuchs. “There is almost no evidence of drought from Vandalia to points southwest.” –

New Flyover Images Of The Louisiana Sinkhole


The Louisiana sinkhole area continues to grow worse, as recent flyover images show sinking around the area. The director of the Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security, mentioned yesterday the roughly 5,000 square feet of land sloughed off into the sinkhole Tuesday morning, and that by the afternoon, the land-loss had grown to an estimated 7,500 feet.

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