Earthquake Activity 

In Baguio City, classes in some elementary schools were cut short after a moderate but strong 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit the city at 3:16 p.m. The intensity of the earthquake was felt at 5 in Baguio and at intensity 2 in La Union. Electric wires in Baguio swayed as the ground shook for at least 5 seconds.

Electrical wires in Bagui swayed as the ground started shaking for five seconds.

The students at the University of Baguio Laboratory rushed out of their classrooms as the ground started to shake. Their parents gathered at the school gate to take them home minutes after the quake took place.

cahutta, GA

In Cohutta, Georgia a small earthquake near the Georgia Tennessee line was strong enough to shake some residents out of their sleep in the middle of the night.

The U.S Geological survey measured the small quake a magnitude 2.8 at 1:47 in the morning. There was a 911 operator by the name of David Metcalf, who reported six or seven people calling after feeling the quake shake their homes. There was no damage reported for the earthquake or injuries.
A Geophysicist Paul Caruso says at least one person reported feeling the earthquake in Kennesaw, Georgia about 80 miles away from the center. Caruso says earthquakes typically don’t cause structural damage until they reach a magnitude 5.5.

 Volcanic Activity

volcanic discovery


 Yesterday we reported a 43,000 foot ash plume coming out of Paluweh’s crater, extending 175 miles to the south. The most likely cause is either a major dome collapse triggering a large pyroclastic flow or a vulcanian explosion of lava dome. According to the first local press articles, an explosion took place last night at 23:36 local time.

People from the north coast of flores reported having heard rumbling and detonation sounds and lava ejections.There was a cloud of ash that drifted over flores and dropped half a millimeter of fine ash in areas of the north coast.

Many people were advised to stay home and wear dust masks.


100 Seabirds Struggle To Survive

There are currently animal protection groups attempting to rescue 100 seabirds that have washed up on the coast covered in some type of sticky substance.

The Royal Society for the protection of birds says that a team is cleaning up the guillemots, but the effort is hampered because it’s unclear what the white

substance is. It is urging the government to find the pollution source. The majority of the birds were discovered near Weymouth in the south of England on Thursday. Others

appeared up to 200 miles (322 kilometers) away in Cornwall in the southwest, and more are expected to wash up overnight.

Mega Thrust Earthquake May Hit New Zealand 

Less than 100km off the coast of Hawke’s Bay is a deep-water trench which could be the site of a potential megathrust earthquake similar to the 2011 Japan earthquake says seismologist Kevin Furlong.

“Professor Furlong, of Pennsylvania State University, said the worst-case scenario for the East Coast was not yet known.

“Many, if not most, scientists working on these megathrust earthquake plate boundaries would argue that, although it is very, very unlikely, until we can demonstrate otherwise we should expect that major segments of these boundaries could rupture simultaneously.

“Most of the time, as was the case in Japan for the past several hundred years at least, segments rupture individually and so maximum earthquakes are in the mid-to high magnitude 7 range. But on rare occasions, such as in 2011 in Japan, bigger ruptures can occur.

“We need to decide how best to manage that potential and uncertainty.”




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