It’s been a quiet day for earthquakes so far, The deepest earthquake took place in Salta Argentina at a depth of 235 km, which was a  4.2 in magnitude.

A 3.5 earthquake took place in Oklahoma at a shallow 5km in-depth , one person reported that the earthquake was a short one. The strongest earthquake so far today was  a 4.9 earthquake took place in Guam with an additional 4.9 earthquake which also struck in Guam 45 minutes later. source



Spurr volcano in Alaska showed some magma on the move with a few smaller earthquakes which showed up on the seismic signals.


The Santorini volcano in Greece is currently showing magma movement with several earthquakes which took place today. This is activity is near the active Indo-Australian plate, and we’ll a volcano to have an eye.



Reventador volcano in Ecuador  is showing long-term magma movement with harmonic tremors  in the past few days.

Nevado Del Ruiz volcano in Columbia is showing magma on the move as well,  with some small harmonic tremors taking place today.



Katmai volcano in Alaska is currently showing magma movement with a few smaller earthquakes taking place at the moment.



The Aoba volcano located on Aoba island showed three large seismic signals , with a mixture of small magma movement.

Here is a list of new volcanic activity currently taking place at the moment, courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution:

Ambrym Vanuatu New
Chikurachki Paramushir Island (Russia) New
Fuego Guatemala New
Popocatepetl Mexico New
Sangay Ecuador New
Villarrica Chile New

Train Derailments Increasing

 trains, derailing


If there was some type of crustal shift, or physical pole-shift there would be small adjustments that would have to take place leading up to this type of event. What we are witnessing at the moment is a rapid rise in trains derailing everyday, and sometimes twice per day.

55 people have been injured just yesterday North Carolina  as an Amtrak train stopping in Richmond  derailed. This incident occurred 1 hour away from the large train derailment which took place on 2/16/2015 in Galena, Illinois.  source

One resident had the following to say about the train derailment, quote:

“The whole house shook something like a bomb went off,” says Danny Wood, a neighbor. “


A total of 14 fireball reports are coming from the following U.S states: CA, ID, NJ, MT, VA, CO, CT, MI, NH AK and countries include Australia, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy.

Interesting description of this fireball from Derrick H, quote:

The ball or head of it was bright white, with a green color around it, a hot red tail as long as a suburban truck with yellow in the center of the tail and very bright white sparks coming off of the tail that started from the back of the green ball of light.Derrick H

Amazing Shots Of Ceres

Now the question is there anything else coming into our solar system to be concerned about  at the moment? A recent interview about planet x poses some good questions and points, and that is, how do we check the trajectory of planet x? How do we determine if this planet is getting bigger and approaching?

We’ll try to tackle these questions in our next planet x research update, as things are getting interesting. What we do know at the moment is that the sky is becoming red in all directions and that the sky is producing multiple light sources in strange places.

The weather is starting to become increasingly un-predictable, and just yesterday Italy broke a 24 hour world snow record that boggles the mind. Looking at the recent find of a large body in Aquarius, we are looking to track it if it’s planet x , because that should help us with the actual date of arrival based upon actual numbers.



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