Earthquake Activity


A minor earthquake hit offshore in Bio Bio Chile on the 15th of march with no reports of damages or loss of life. Another minor earthquake struck off the north B.C coast,in a series that has shook the area since fall of last year. According to the West Coast Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre in Palmer, Alaska, the third quake hit at 7:28 p.m Thursday, 72 kilometres south of Sandspit on the Haida Gwaii islands.

The magnitude of the tremors were 4.6 and 4.3, and about 75 kilometers south and 97 kilometres southwest of Sandspit just hours earlier.

A large 5.2 earthquake has just struck the Papua New Guinea area with no reports of damages or loss of life at this time. Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes according to the U.S Geological Survey Feed:

M Location
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Lat Lon D
5.2 34km E of Kandrian, Papua New Guinea 6.225°S 149.861°E 57.5
5.0 46km SW of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea 4.599°S 151.925°E 161.0

Volcanic Activity 

The Colima volcano in Mexico is showing signs of increased activity and risk of pyroclastic flows as of late, with a new lava dome in the summit crater that has apparently

grown enough that incandescent lava could soon start descending into the Lumbre canyon on the western flank. The Cordoban and Monte Grande canyons in the southwestern and southern flanks are at an increased risk, and Civil protection has advised the population to avoid these valleys as much as possible.

The increase in activity is also visible on the latest seismographs  which shows tremor pulses and more frequent stronger explosion & rockfall signals.


Winter Storm Strands Thousands of Motorists In Europe


In Budapest Hungary, there were tanks deployed to reach thousands of motorists trapped in heavy snow on Friday as a cold snap and high winds left at least two people dead.

“The situation is most critical on the M1 motorway (linking Budapest and Vienna) where hundreds of cars are stranded in the snow, most of them for 18-20 hours now,” said Marton Hajdu, spokesman for the National Directorate for Disaster Management. –

Biggest Drought In 30 Years In New Zealand 


A Dairy farmer in Carterton New Zealand has sent more than 100 of his cows to the slaughterhouse over the last few weeks as a severe drought has hit his area, and browned pastures.

“We try and make sure they’ve got water and shade during the day and do the best we can for them,” he said. “It’s very hard to remember when the last rainfall was.” –

There was an interesting excerpt from the article that said that the unusual drought could be the cause of climate change, as conditions haven’t been this dry in a very long time. Farmers are estimating the total cost of the drought to be 1 billion dollars or $820 million in U.S Dollars.



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