In the past 48 hours the earth has been rattled by four 6.0 or greater earthquakes, with the majority of the earthquakes taking place in Russia. Three 6.0 earthquakes took place in Russia, with the same region receiving smaller earthquakes as reported two days ago.

Another 6.5 earthquake hit Chile, with no reports of tsunami’s or damages to buildings. The good news to report on this earthquake was that it was not felt on land. The earthquake was recorded at 5:49 a.m local time on Monday, at a shallow depth of 10 kilometers, 370 miles from the city of Puerto Quellon.

Volcanic Activity

Glow from Popocatépetl’s summit (CENAPRED webcam)

The Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia has shown an increase in Seismicity since the 26th of April, triggered VSI to rise the alert status from 2 to 3 on a scale of 1-4. For the moment, only degassing has been observed as surface activity.

The recently activity Popocatepetl volcano in Central Mexico has been a bit calmer over the past 2 days, but the number of emissions and small explosions remains elevated.

Explosions ejected incandescent fragments to heights of 500 meters above the crater. The alert level at the volcano is currently at Yellow.


Road Collapse Cuts Children Off From School

road collapse
The road at Craigtown, Carndonagh, that collapsed during Saturday’s flooding cutting 126 children off from their school.

120 children have bee ncut off from their primary school after flooding caused a road to collapse leaving a 30-foot drop to the river below. A gient section

of road at Craigtown, crumbled on Saturday evening following a day of torrential rain  The collapsed forced 126 pupils to undertake a three-mile detour at Craightown National school.

“The damage to the road is of a very serious nature with flooding in the adjacent river tearing away the road and leaving a sheer embankment with a 30-foot drop to the river bank,” said Deputy McConalogue.
“The alternative route to the school is very unsuited to two-way traffic and is not safe for the amount of traffic that is in the area at the start and finish of the school day.” 
School principal, Gerard O’Kane said he hoped the road would be restored as soon as possible. 
“The torrential rain here on Saturday was unreal – it was relentless. As a result of the road collapsing, we’re now having to do a detour every day to get to our school,” said Mr O’Kane.
“But I think Donegal County Council is on top of the situation and they hope to get it fixed within a couple of weeks. 
“In the meantime, I believe the council may have come to some arrangement with a local farmer regarding making a by-pass through his land while the road is being fixed.”

The Aftermath Of The Oklahoma/Texas Tornado Swarm


The reports from Moore, Oklahoma have the death toll at 24 people in the EF5 level tornado event. The tornado smashed houses, crushed cars, and smashed vast swath suburbs of Oklahoma City. Among the dead 24 people, including 9 children, have been killed according to the state examiners office. 230 people have been injured in the aftermath of the tornado.

The question remains, what is causing such massive weather systems as of late? According to and the earth currently has a wobble

which causes the increase in these extreme weather events, quote:

“The Earth wobble is intrinsically connected to a churning atmosphere, and is one of the reasons ZetaTalk was able to go on record early in the ZetaTalk saga with predictions on weather irregularities andtornadoes and hurricanes occurring in atypical places. We knew that the Earth wobble would develop. The Earth wobble centers around the magnetic N Pole, forming a Figure 8

This means that the up/down and side-to-side motion of the wobble engages the Arctic region, daily. Where the complaint is that a normal 40 hour cyclone became a 5 day cyclone, this may in the near future be a minor complaint. It is likely to become a perpetual cyclone, or close to this scenario.

It seems the tremendous increase in tornadoes in the past week must be due to the approach of Nibiru. Is this in response to the wobble, and will it settle down soon or should we expect even more and worse after the “traditional” end of the tornado season

Yes, this is due to the wobble. And no, it will not settle down. And yes, it will get worse.

For those who are not familiar with Nibiru, it is a planet that ancient people have written about, and created art about. On top of that, there are news articles which date back to the 50’s which talk about nibiru/planet X, and then all of the sudden these newspapers stopped covering it’s existence, and it’s effect on Neptune at the time (link to the news articles here).

Back to the news topic, there are other reports that have the death toll as high as 91, according to the New York times article, which can click the link below to read more about:

Below is one of the many videos of this tragic event:

Sinkholes Continue

What we have taking place on earth is geological upheaval on a large scale, on top of this we have a bombarment of space rocks hitting the planet on daily basis, and is in fact increasing. Our latest sinkhole report can be found in the below video, courtesy of USA Today:

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 Here is the latest flyover video on the Louisiana sinkhole and the latest from officials in the area below:

Officials on the Louisiana sinkhole:


33 Foot Sinkhole Opens In China 


5 people died when a 33 foot wide sinkhole opened up at the gates of an industrial estate in Shenzhen, the southern Chinese boom town neighboring Hong Kong,

according to local authorities in the area. The Shenzhen Longang district government said on its verified page on Sina Weibo.

The sinkhole formed just outside the Huamao Industrial Park in Shenzhen on Monday evening, as factory workers changed shifts.

It is currently not clear how many people fell into the sinkhole in total, so the search continues on. Keep in mind that earlier a man was swallowed by a sinkhole in Shenzhen.




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