Earthquake Activity

It has been an interesting week with a string of magnitude 5.0+ or higher earthquakes in the last 24 hours alone, here is a list of the quakes that have taken place in the last 24 hours, according to the USGS:

5.0 282km SSW of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia 48.388°N 154.450°E 53.4
5.1 59km WNW of Kirakira, Solomon Islands 10.264°S 161.409°E 62.0
5.1 14km NE of Nahrin, Afghanistan 36.167°N 69.240°E 53.7
5.6 242km ESE of Kamaishi, Japan 38.227°N 144.340°E 24.8
5.2 283km SSW of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia 48.373°N 154.440°E 35.3
5.4 3km ESE of Puerto Madero, Mexico 14.711°N 92.393°W 83.2
5.3 8km ENE of Lagodekhi, Georgia 41.861°N 46.362°E 10.0
5.8 288km SSW of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia 48.304°N 154.532°E 35.5
5.9 81km SW of Chirovanga, Soloman Islands 7.191°S 156.064°E 60.9


For our research, it is important that we track earthquakes closely because they can be the first sign that something is taking place on mother earth, such as a tsunami or volcanic eruption. With that being said, smaller earthquakes are also something to watch for. Just recently there was a M2.7 earthquake in the Seattle-Tacoma area in Washington, which is not usual.

Another unusual earthquake that took place was in Santa Catalina, California measuring a magnitude 2.7.

Here is a video that goes over other unusual earthquakes that have taken place recently:


The Entrance Of Planet X In 2003 And Earthquake Increases 

Image Source:

The above chart was taken from one of the best websites that cover earth changes, and if you take note of the M6.0 or higher earthquakes that have taken place, you will clearly see that the intensity of earthquakes picked up dramatically after 2003.

This is one of the most interesting charts that we have found yet, and it goes to show that there is evidence  that planet x could have very well entered into our solar system in 2003. So, you may be thinking, where is the proof ?

 One of the main sources that talks about planet x appearing in our solar system in 2003 is Nancy Lieder at and she states on her website:

“The sling orbit of Planet X brings it in an almost straight line past the Sun, in a 3,657 periodic passage.
This sling orbit is caused by the orbit of Planet X going round two Suns, our Sun and a dark, unlit, binary twin. Most Sun’s are part of a binary pair, and scientists have recently acknowledged that the discovery of Sedna and Zena, two planetoid far out beyond Pluto, indicate our Sun is likely part of a binary pairing. 
Planet X zooms toward the Sun in its sling orbit, then puts on the brakes due to the gravity repulsion force, which is a back wash of gravity particle. 
This occurred in 2003, when Planet X arrives in the inner solar system.
Coming in from the direction of Orion, it was seen as a dramatic Second Sun as sunlight reflected off the dust cloud shrouding Planet X, bouncing this reflected light back toward Earth. 
The Zetas describe why the sling orbit is both composed of great speed as Planet X approaches one of its suns, then a slow creep past the sun.” –

 Yellow Stone Shakes While We Write This Article

Yellow Stone Faithful Geyser Wyoming

As soon as we started writing the article that you are reading, a staggering 7 earthquakes shook the Yellow Stone National park! (UPDATE: 8 Earthquakes at Yellow Stone).

Yellow Stone

If you don’t already know, Yellowstone is home to one of the largest super volcanoes in the world, and if it ever erupted, it would be an extinction level event.

Here is a national geographic documentary that reveals more details about Yellow Stone:

Once again, we don’t want to scare anyone, we just try to compile all of the data that we find, and deliver it in an unbiased report. On reviewing the data that we have put together, it is a fact that earthquake intensity has dramatically increased as planet x entered into our solar system in 2003.

What will happen in the next few weeks? And will there be announcement of planet X after the elections as the poleshift.ning website suggests?

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