Mountain Wales

One of the most amazing topics in the book earth in upheaval were the whales found in the mountains. At the current time, Lake Michigan is 582 feet above the sea level, and bones of a whale have been found 220 feet above sea level,north of Lake Ontario; a skeleton of another whale was discovered in Vermont, more than 500 feet above sea level.

Another whale was found in Montreal Quebec area about 600 feet above sea level. Certainly whales cannot climb mountains, so it’s either land dropped or catastrophic wave brought the whales to the mountains.

According to geologists at the time  there were stressful times when a belt of rocks, extending from Alabama to Newfoundland was jammed, and thrust together to create this mountain system where the whales were found, but what caused the thrust?

In the neighborhood of Plymouth on the Channel clefts of various widths in limestone are everything from hippopotamus, rhinoceros, horse, polar bear, and bison.

The bones were found  broken into innumerable fragments, with no skeleton found in one piece. The bones were also found spread out in the most irregular ways, without any relative position to the skeleton.

Why would so many wolves bears, horses, and oxen have ascended a hill isolated on all sides? The book goes on to speak about other researchers and basically highlight the fact that man must have gone through dramatic catastrophe’s.

Axis Shift

There is no doubt that dramatic events occurred, either the animals and planets lived in the regions or were brought there by tidal waves. And it is also clear that nothing other than the entire globe veered from its normal rotation because of a disturbance or shift of the axis.

Cumberlan Cavern – workmen in Cumberland Maryland cutting the way for a railroad with dynamite and steam shovel came upon a cavern or a closed fissure with a peculiar assemblage of animals. A crocodilid and a tapir are representative of southern climate; a wolverine and a lemming “are distinctly north-ern.

All of the evidence points to death coming to them all at the same time as seen in the village of Choukoutein, near Peiping in northern China.The fossils of Choukoutien are found embedded in a reddish loam, which is all over northern China.

This points to a great shower of dust, and sudden climate change, and with rivers turning blood-red across the world, planet x dust form prior passages makes the most logical sense.

Earth in Upheaval goes on to talk about the various places all across the world where animals were found mashed up with layers of volcanic ash on top of them.

At this point in our research it is crystal clear that a dramatic event took place on earth in the not too distant past, and in Part III we will cover the mountain building & and how further proves prior pole shifts.

 Reference points: earth in upheaval

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