Looking for a book to help you with  your planet x research? Today we’ll cover the book Earth In Upheaval by Immanuel Velikovsky is a very interesting scholar and researcher when it come to the subject of great upheavals that have taken place on earth.

In his book earth in upheaval, he speaks about how he was not able to speak at any Universities because of the information he uncovered for 9 years!

On a side note, when there is a blackout of research and evidence, it’s a wise thing to pay attention because that person could presenting something that is either too much truth, or controversial to main stream science.

Velikovsky highlighted the findings of other researchers who found millions upon millions of mammoth carcasses all found with severed skin, limbs,, bones, and twisted trees Tanana River Valley.

On top of the millions of carcasses found, there was a layer of ash that was also found on top of the dead carcasses. Surely it could not have been a volcano that mutilated the mammoth. So what force could have caused millions of mammoths to go extinct?

“According to F.C Hibben of the University of New Mexico: “Although the formation of the deposits of muck is not clear, there is ample evidence that at least portions of this material were deposited under catastrophic conditions.”

A mixture of wind, tidal waves, and volcanic ash seems to be the most likely culprit for the mass die off of mammals. Marine life was also found in mountain ranges, along with rocks as high as high as 2,000 – 10,000 feet in height.

Of course there were debates about how these rocks, fish and mammals  ended up where they were found, and the condition that they were found. One argument that was presented was that glaciers floated to the areas where the remains were and the rocks where found, and landed on top of them eventually.

The issue with this argument is that glaciers cannot climb mountains, so it’s hard to use that argument.

Frozen Mammoth


The Mammoth was found frozen solid with his flesh being edible, and food still being digested in it’s body. So whatever happened to mammoth was sudden, as if the mammoth was flash frozen solid. 

If an event occurred such as a celestial body or comet planet, it would be easy to understand what could have wiped out the mammoth and other animals such as the giant Irish dear.

The gravitational forces as pulling the oceans out of their basin, with volcanic eruptions, along with the winds from the sudden shift would  cause a shift of the poles. On top of the extremes that come along with a pole shift there was also rapid temperature change, and if many of the worlds volcanoes erupted due to a passing celestial body, this would explain the rapid temperature change because of the ash in the sky blocking out the sun for the most part.

It all makes just too much since, and in the next article we’ll dive more into what Velikovsky published in his findings. In the mean time, there are some interesting points made in part one of the video below.





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