Earthquake Activity 


Yesterday the Yellowstone National Park was struck with a 2.5 earthquake. There were no reports of damages reported by any local news stations.

The earthquake was 44 miles southeast of Gardiner, Montana. Another earthquake struck the Mammoth Lakes as well with no reports of damages reported. In Payne County, Oklahoma a small earthquake struck near Ripley, Oklahoma, Sunday morning.
According to the U.S Geological Survey, a 2.8 magnitude earthquake was recorded at 10:46 a.m. Sunday. Its epicenter is located 7 miles north, northeast of Ripley, 9 miles west of Yale, and 51 miles west of Tulsa.

There were no damages or injuries to report on this earthquake, Geologists say earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 to 3.0 are in general the smallest that are felt by humans.

Here are the earthquakes measuring 5.0 or greater according to the U.S geological survey:

5.3 152km SE of JP Tinian Town pre-WW2, Northern Mariana Islands 14.190°N 146.788°E 24.4
5.2 5km SSW of Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan, Guatemala 14.752°N 91.383°W 11

Yellowstone National park is a wonderful place to visit, and here is a video that highlights the national park:


Planet X Interview

Planet X is an interesting story, that has set a wildfire on the internet as of late, because it makes a lot of sense to those who have really taken the time to do the research. When you begin to connect the dots, everything starts making a lot of sense. From the bible prophecy, the kolbrin bible prophecy, Nostradamus  Edgar Cacey, to the underground bunkers, to the practicing of detaining U.S citizens after a disaster it all begins to make sense to the well informed.

The truth is not something that is popular to the establishment media, and for some people, knowing the truth is just to scary to face. Here is a documentary that puts all of the pieces of the puzzles together for you to form your own opinion on planet X, we want our readers to note that this video was posted in 2010 and back then Lucas predicted that planet X would come, but it didn’t, however there is still good historical data found in this video:


Ft Lauderdale Beach Erosion Continues As Of December 1st 2012 – Sea Water Doesn’t Recede 

We want readers to take note that Hurricane sandy took place well over a month ago, and yet the beach is still flooded. That means the sea level is rising, and not just simply high tide or flooding from hurricane sandy.

On top of coastal sea level rise taking place in Florida, there is also sinking taking place in Indonesia:

Here is a video showing sea level rise in Bermuda:


The Gulf Stream Has Stopped And Why It Matters By John Moore  


This is one of the stories that we over looked, and many people don’t understand how serious the situation has now become, and why global food prices are rising everywhere, and why now is a great time to start doing what you can to build up a food savings account that will always be valuable.  There are affordable solutions for all families, such as simple rice, beans,  and a portable water filter with a crank radio can be a good place to start.

With high tides continuing in places such as California, and the United Kingdom, it looks as if the Zeta’s and Nancy Lieder are not that crazy after all. Here is a video where planet X is displayed on  the Soho satellite:

The red cross that is depicted is one of the most interesting parts of the video, it is almost as if the ancients were experiencing the presence of  planet x as they were writing .

The New World Order Targets Guns

In the past 72 hours there have been two shootings, one shooting took place at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, apparently someone fired more than 50 rounds in a crowded parking lot at the busy shopping mall Saturday before that person was apprehended by police offers. On Top of that shooting there was the Connecticut shooting which took over 20 lives, and there have been other random shootings taking place. Is it possible that as planet X makes it’s passage that we will see more tragedies take place to put in the New world order? We want our readers to answer that question below.

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