The New Madrid fault zone region experienced a 2.5 magnitude earthquake on 1/31/2014 , there was also a 3.0 earthquake in Boley Oklahoma, and 3.0 earthquake in Helena Oklahoma. The are has been active, and is apart of the 7 of 10 sequence of events that has been given by


A few facts on the new madrid seismic zone:

  • The New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) is the most active seismic area in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains
  • Earthquakes  7.0 or larger  took place in a two month period from Dec 6th, 1811 Feb 7th, 1812.
  • The NMSZ appears to be about 30 years overdue for a magnitude 6.3 earthquake –

A new Madrid adjustment would be devastating, affecting  north of St. Louis up the Mississippi River valley, up the Ohio and Wabash River valleys to near Owensboro, Kentucky and Indianapolis, Indiana and down the Mississippi River valley to near Greenville, Mississippi.

Ten additional counties each in southern Illinois, western Kentucky and Tennessee, northeastern Arkansas and northwestern Mississippi and in about five counties in southeast Missouri outside the Bootheel.

Here is a link to a video that will help you prepare for future earthquake events, as the earth changes are starting to accelerate (click here)

Earthquakes magnitude 5.0 or greater list:





Volcanic Activity


The Shishaldin volcano in the Aleutian islands received a yellow alert level, which was raised. Increased steaming as well as a possible  hot surface from the lava dome.

A brand new eruptive phase has begun at the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador. There has been increase in earthquakes, small explosions and long periods of internal fluid movements gasses and magma.


landslide event


The increasing landslide events will be something, to keep an eye on as they are now happening on a weekly basis. For more pictures of this devastating landslide event in Peru click here. 

Jombang,  Indonesia – a search team has discovered 12 dead bodies from the landslides in Ngrimbi Villiage in East Java after torrential rains on January 27th, 2013.  – source

Fireballs In The Sky

There are currently 14 reports of fireballs still under investigation according to the American meteor society for the following states: AK, CA, IA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MS, NY, TN, TX & WV and Germany and France.

A number of reports of fireballs came into the Armagh Observatory, on the night of Wednesday January 15th 2014. According to one of the reports , quote:

“Became white before splitting in two, then became orange again and burst into four or five pieces and disappeared.” –

Many who witnessed the event mentioned that this fireball was very bright, which has been the ongoing comment from people witnessing these fireball events.

Water Main Bursts

A water main break triggered a sinkhole in Massachusetts Avenue, which may take up to 10 days or more to repair. –source

A 12-inch water main break in Streeterville flooded roads A 12-inch water main break in Streeterville flooded roads on Ohio Street and nearby LaPorte.  – source

Another 16 inch water main break took place yesterday in Temecula, shutting down a stretch of Margarita road near the Promenade Mall sending water cascading into the parking lots. –

Watermain breaks occurred in Cincinnati, Charleston, Henreitta, Scranton, Milwaukee, Steerville, and a host other areas.With one of the water main breaks in Scranton disrupting service to thousands of homes and businesses (Google: water main break).


A sinkhole was discovered in Salem at the Peabody Essex Museum expansion exposed a 10 foot deep sinkhole, which could have collapsed a section of the Essex Street pedestrian mall within months. The sinkhole measured 4 feet wide, and formed after a sewage pipe deteriorated. – source

Another dramatic sinkhole event took place in the Atlanta snowstorm event, here is the video below:

Power outages – Massive power outages continue with 7,800 left without power in Livonia. 1,000 left with out power in Lemon Grove San Diego. Another large power outage took place in Pearl River with students being sent home early. 1,465 customers lost power at Quail Springs Mall, in Oklahoma City Metro. In Yerington Nevada the heavy snowfall caused 3,000 customers go without power.


Extreme weather – In the United Kingdom we have 150 Mile per hour killer winds, rain and snow, as well as violent and destructive storms hurtling across the Atlantic. Winds, rains, and high tides cause problems as south-west England and Midlands have braced for floods. A record amount of rainfall is taking place in some areas, as the South East and central England areas recorded 6.9 inches of rainfall in January. Read more here

Fema’s New Contract


A very interesting new contract is looking to be filled from the office at F.E.M.A, this was added on Oct 29, 2013. As mentioned before there were several emergency measures taken in October 2013 and November. With the Gridex II drill taking place in November, as highlighted in the video below:

This latest contract that is looking to be filled is for the following:

“contract to obtain evacuation planning and operational support to facilitate a motor coach evacuation of the general population in response to Presidential-Declared Emergencies and Major Disasters within the continental United States.” Original source

If there was one event that would be needed for this contract to be filled it would most certainly be for a planet X event. While this is speculation, it makes the most probably sense based up on the earth changes, planet x sightings, and all the other things governments of the world have been preparing for.

Watch the video below, which clearly shows a glowing orb right above the sun, with a finger test to prove it is not a lens flare:

For more news stories and information on Planet x, we highly recommend checking out the


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