Earthquake Activity

A 2.7 magnitude earthquake was reported in Southeastern Missouri with no reports of damages or casualties. This earthquake has taken place on one of the most dangerous fault zones in America today, the New Madrid Fault.

The good news is that many minor earthquakes take place all of the time, so this is nothing to be to alarmed about, however, Nancy Lieder created a Zeta report which reveals more about the potentially catastrophic New Madrid fault line:


The New Madrid adjustment will be something to watch for indeed as time moves along.

Here is a list of earthquakes measuring 5.0 or higher on the Richter scale using the feed:

5.2 69km SSW of Champerico, Guatemala 13.720°N 92.165°W 32.1
5.9 157km ENE of Angoram, Papua New Guinea 3.706°S 145.440°E 10.0
5.4 172km E of Ndoi Island, Fiji 20.624°S 177.048°W 247.5
5.5 102km W of Morrope, Peru 6.576°S 80.938°W 12.1
5.0 49km S of Ndoi Island, Fiji 21.093°S 178.704°W 557.


A bus was almost swallowed whole at 10:30am this morning Japan, with 31 passengers on the bus. The good news is that the size of the bus caused it to simply get stuck. The sinkhole is reported to be next to a construction site, which could have something to do with this sinkhole.

A 200 foot-long sinkhole swallowed up a part of Dover Township road in Ohio, closing the road on Thursday afternoon.

The sinkhole measured 85 feet deep and collapsed 40-50 feet of Route 516. The sinkhole measured 200 feet long and 100 feet wide.

According to the ODOT there was a dredging machine operating a sand and gravel operation nearby.

Volcanic Activity

At Guatemala’s Santa Maria volcano which is 124 miles west of the country’s capital, there has been increased activity reported as of late. Many residents in the area woke up Wednesday morning to find a thin layer of ash coating their vehicles streets and homes.
Guatemala’s institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology said that white colums of smoke reached up to 5km (3.1 miles) into the sky and spewed forth from the lava dome complex at the

base of the volcano’s summit. There was no evacuation notice placed for residents in the area, because officials do not feel it is necessary to evacuate.

California Super Storm

Preparation from officials, and two low’s that are circulating have many concerned in northern and central California, as there looks to be a large storm that has developed. Here is analysis of the storm by youtuber idaho picker:



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