A staggering earthquake swarm hit Carlsberg Ridge today, here is a list of  the 6 earthquakes for the area according to the U.S Geological survey:

4.9 Carlsberg Ridge 1.953°S 67.960°E 10.0
4.6 Carlsberg Ridge 1.935°S 67.946°E 10.0
4.7 Carlsberg Ridge 1.912°S 67.854°E 10.0
4.7 Carlsberg Ridge 1.915°S 67.740°E 10.0
4.7 Carlsberg Ridge 1.851°S 67.906°E 10.0
4.7 Carlsberg Ridge 1.952°S 67.857°E 10.2

Here is a list of magnitude 5.0 or greater earthquakes for 1/9/2013 according to the USGS:

5.1 112km SE of Antofagasta, Chile 24.268°S 69.522°W 115.3
5.0 68km NW of Jumla, Nepal 29.753°N 81.735°E 34.2
5.0 Carlsberg Ridge 1.937°S 68.031°E 10.0
5.8 64km SE of Phek, India 25.322°N 95.021°E 90.5

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit the Burma, India area with no reports of damages or loss of life. The good news is that the area is sparsely populated.

The earthquake took place at 08.11 local time on Wednesday at a depth of 75 km. The epicenter was estimated by the USGS to be some 90 km from Kohima, the capital of India’s Nagaland. This area is the site of frequent seismic activity.

Worst Flooding In Decades Hit’s Israel

There has been a week long deluge in 2 decades, with torrential rains and high winds causing flooding

in low-lying areas and injuries, damagin power lines and trees and disrupting traffic up and down the country as far south

as normally sun-drenched Eilat.

 There Is Too Much Evidence To Simply Dis-prove The Existence Of Planet X

We are highly speculative about those who outright deny the existence of planet X in our solar system. The truth is that there are millions of planet x’s in our solar system, millions of brown dwarfs, red, dwarfs, and other stars in space. There is a giant talking head on the internet whose name we will not mention.

The extreme weather changes, earthquake swarms, and mountain of other evidence suggest that something is causing the earth to wobble, the magnetic field to twist and kill hundreds of thousands of animals across the world. With record droughts taking place, and flooding all over the world, it is hard to deny that something is taking place.

Loud booms are still being heard across the United States, earthquakes taking place in what seems to be strange places are happening just about every other day.

The Most Hardcore Data That We Have Found For Planet X

Here is one of the most recent videos by YouTuber United Knowledge:

Here is video that explains exactly what is going on, and even though there are those who will try to deceive you, you can find out the hard facts and information that is out there. We keep placing this YouTubers videos because everything is adding up, without any ridiculous conspiracies.

We highly recommend going through some of United Knowledge’s videos and finding out for yourself.

Planet X And America’s Infrastructure

A big reason why America’s infrastructure is not being repaired, could be because of the passing of planet X. Think about it, if you knew something was going to brake again, would you repair it? This is just a question to ask yourself. Running away from the existence of a planet X would not do any good, and simply saying, you can’t see anything in the sky is another bad excuse to not get prepared now.

Preparing For An Event

One of the best things that any family could be doing is preparing for a time that power can be gone for months. Learning how to grow your own food is one of the smartest things an individual can do. Learning how to produce clean water is another skill you can develop. Learning how to produce your own electricity can be another subject to research.

After you have food and water, you have to keep yourself clean, so knowing how to produce soap can be a good skill. Begin to study how humans lived in the past, and you’ll be fine in the future. History doesn’t exactly repeat itself but it sure does rhyme.

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